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mobile wallets

Firstly very hard site to navigate.


But my question is when is telstra going to advise the market on their mobile wallet plans eg nfc app,like vodafone and optus have done.


This site is so hard to navigate i probably wont be able to find any replies,telstra could learn alot from carsales,realestate,hotcopper websites.



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Re: mobile wallets

Hi Benson,


Welcome to Crowd Support!


I'm not too sure about mobile wallets but I'll make the assumption when Telstra starts offering the service / product they will advertise it.


In regards to your issues with site navigation, please see the below screenshot which may help out Smiley Happy


cs 1.JPG







Oh I forgot to mention, if you click your username next to the picture of an envelope you can see all the threads you have made / made a post on.


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