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Samsung S10 5G No data or Internet connection

I own a Samsung S10 5G and until 6-8 weeks ago the phone was working fine. I work in the Pilbara where there is 4G small cell area. Everytime when I'm at the airport (Barimunya) I have No internet connection and No mobile data where I can't even send text or make a phone call. All other non 5G  phones are working fine. I have 2 other friends that have the same phone and the exact same issue. Seems to be issue trying latch onto the band as it recognises the network and has 4 bars signal, everything else is greyed out beside it. 

I've exhausted every option now, even Telstra's apparent in-store fix.

For those following, I've done and nothing has worked:

- Network Settings Reset 
- Cleared Cache
- Changed APN to Telstra.iph

- Changed to 4G/3G/2G auto connect
- Restarted numerous times
- Replaced SIM Card
- Re-inserted SIM Card

It works fine when I get back to Perth after about 10 minutes trying to reconnect to the network. 

Can someone provide any answers for this issue as I have an expensive brick otherwise. Not happy that this is supposed to be a flagship phone. 


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Re: Samsung S10 5G No data or Internet connection

Having worked for 2 actual manufacturers, you are experiencing a software bug which is not unusual for a new technology device. You have the first software version  which will be debugged in later updates. 

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