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T Hub 2 Replacement handset

We have two T Hub handsets that have been causing numerous problems. I called Telstra 13 22 00 to report the faults - they completed testing of the handset and then agreed to send a replacement phone. 


I received a Guardian 301 which is unable to be paired to our T Gateway modem via WFI.  I called again to say the replacement phone is not correct as it cannot be paired or wirelessly connected to the T Gateway. There were no instructions in the booklet advising it can be connected to a T Gateway. It appears to be an ordinary cordless phone for ADSL not NBN.  We have no phone line points in the house.


I called Telstra again and was on hold for quite sometime and the operator asked me to go to our local Telstra Shop with the reference number and they will accept return of the incorrect handset and give me the correct one. I went as instructed to the Telstra shop and was told that they do not accept returns on house handsets and they also do not have any stock of house handsets at all. They only stock mobile phones.  The telstra shop told me to call 13 22 00 to arrange for a return satchell for the incorrect equipement and to organise the correct replacement equipement.


I called Telstra again and was on hold for over an hour while the operator organised a return satchel to send back the wrong equipement (Guardian 301)  and they arranged to send the correct replacement handset. 


I then received a Colombo phone in the mail which is also unable to be connected wirelessly to the T Gateway modem and I also did not receive a return satchel for the Guardian 301.  The Columbo phone had an insert in the instructions advising the Columbo phone CANNOT be connected to a T Gateway.


I called Telstra again and was connected to a supervisor who assurred me the Guardian 301 will connect to the T Gateway and it will automatically show on screen "phone needs to be paired or registered" and all i have to do is press the buttons on the back of the T Gateway to complete the pairing. The handset did not have a message regarding pairing but an error message was displayed on the handset " LINE CORD ERROR" indicating the handset needs to be connected to a phone line in the wall.


I have checked the Telstra website and believe the correct handset we require is  : Get the T-Voice handset
Add the long-range T-Voice 502 handset. Recommended for nbn.


I am frustrated by the whole process and so annoyed that we have to request our family and especially our elderly father to call us on our mobile phones and not the house phone.


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