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Telstra ZTE 4GX phone will only start up to a pink-blue flashing screen

Am hoping someone may have advice for my problem please: new phone and I wanted to remove the Google search bar but it wouldn't delete or pinch away. I read to disable the app and restart the phone. I couldn't find a specific Google search app but chose one of the Google apps (sorry, don't remember which one), disabled it and turned the phone off fully.


When I turned the phone back on, it only partly restarts. Screens for Android and 4GX appear but then a blank screen coloured pink to blue flashes. And keeps flashing...


Next steps were:


  1. Battery removed for about 10 minutes then replaced (didn't fix the problem).

  2. Android Recovery viewed.


I would be happy to try the “wipe data/factory reset” in Recovery if I knew I could somehow save my contacts, call history and texts. Everything else can be deleted.


Any help will be really appreciated.




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