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Unable to download mms using wifi

Hi we have a Samsung and a HTC. When under wifi neither will send or download MMS.

As soon as we switch on mobile data it will both send and receive and download. Is this normal? We can use internet on both using wifi. 


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Re: Unable to download mms using wifi


Yes...its "normal" functioning as Telstra require. This restriction has been raised also by other customers.

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Re: Unable to download mms using wifi

I have found on my Galaxy S9 that mms still works when WiFi calling is enabled. The mms message arrive with the txt but any attached data files missing. It takes several hours to over a  day for any images to arrive. I have never tried sending a mms I prefer to use email.

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Re: Unable to download mms using wifi

Thankyou, yes I have activated wifi calling on my husbands Samsung but still it doesnt work. Both phones are a few years old but it seems it is a Telstra thing that limits this function. At least I will stop trying.

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Re: Unable to download mms using wifi

Yep, this is normal.

MMS uses mobile data for delivery. It's the architecture of the service.


If your phone is capable of RCS, then this will change.


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