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Bigpond Movies Rant



Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will screen this weekend.


I am a mum who is desperately time poor. I wanted to re-watch Part 1 before I begged for babysitting for this weekend so I could watch Part 2. I wanted to go out and buy the DVD but I didn't have time. So, I thought, I'd watch it online via Bigpond movies..being a good citizen and all that, I would not down load it online and engage in criminal activities.


So, I nicely went to Bigpond movies. Problem no. 1 - you can't watch anything on Bigpond movies if you own a Mac. WTF! Doesn't every second person own a Mac now? What are your Product Managers thinking? I mean, I know the technology is there for browser sniffing so, why not point this out BEFORE  someone goes through the onerous process of registration.


Then I fished out the old laptop (Windows compaitble) my 3 year old uses (covered in food and 3-year old snot). I am preparing myself to watch a streaming movie much like iView or one HD. Oh no..that would be too simple. You have to download it.


I can deal with this - I work in Technology after all. So, I downloaded the exe to download the movie (anyone at Bigpond heard of streaming? anyone? - yes, I think you should pass this comment on to your product managers). Then I started downloading it.


Now, it told me that it was going to take 1.5 hrs to download! WTF! It's like you are forcing people into video piracy! So, I started downloading it and went for a bath. Came back and my bigpond internet connection had failed. GRRRR!!!


So then I fixed the internet (re-boot) and started re-downloading.


Meanwhile, hubby had ducked out to the 24 hr K-mart and bought me the DVD. So, I ditched Bigpond movies and watched it on DVD. So, can I have my money back?

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Re: Bigpond Movies Rant

Hi SeaBreeze,

I would suggest raising your issues with the BigPond Movies Technical Support Team. I have dealt with them in the past with my BigPond Movies issues and have always found them to be very helpful.


You can contact the team on 1800 502 502.

I hope they can help resolve your issue.

Whilst I am a Telstra employee, my views are my own and are not those of Telstra.
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Re: Bigpond Movies Rant

Sympathy on the Mac issue.  I could make some sort of snide comment about Telstra engineers and their attitude to real computers (PCs) and toys (Macs), but I won't.  Oops, I think I just did.


While we may not yet represent 50% of the personal computer market (unlike the iPhone which has a dominant share of the smartphone market at the moment) it definitely rankles to find that from Telstra's perspective Macs don't exist. Tried downloading music from BigPond Music?  With a fair bit of fiddling with a download manager it's possible, but forget trying to use BigPond's own download manager because it only works on Windows.


My understanding of the current status of Telstra's position on movie licensing is that negotiations are continuing, but for complex commercial reasons streaming is "out" at present, various titles are available on BigPond Movies but not on the T-Box, titles available from BigPond DVD (now being phased out) aren't available digitally, and so on.  The situation is very annoying for we Telstra customers, but I guess if you consider the cost of production of most popular movies it makes sense that the studios need to be careful about how their products are distributed.  For musicians self-publishing is a viable option, but given how many people are involved in producing a movie I think we're going to continue to need the studios in the supply chain (how else is a $50M Harry Potter movie going to be made?).


Anyway, that was a rant of a different sort (and a bit off topic) - I'm glad you managed to see the movie, and it's a pity that BigPond Movies failed to deliver.  Let's hope (i) the NBN happens for you as soon as possible so that your BigPond movie download experience is NOT impacted by connection problems and (ii) Telstra sees the light on we undervalued Mac users.

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Re: Bigpond Movies Rant

As said above, Please contact BigPond Movies as they are very helpful and can help you have this cleared up. Or at the very least perhaps credit the charge to you account. They are usually very helpful in my experience. 


However on another note, as per the System Requirements it does state at the start the Linux and Mac's are not supported per:


On the video streaming, i doubt they will become a reality any time soon if at all, given the internet TV era, and also Telstra marketing the T-Box as there "Movie direct" service that doesnt even require a computer. Although personally i still take the PC to the TV anyday. 

Will update with something clever when the brain starts working!
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Re: Bigpond Movies Rant

Hi SeaBreeze!


In addition to the above suggestions, if you happen to use Twitter, you can also contact the BigPond Movies guys via their Twitter account.


I agree, that you should be able to stream, as I makes everything a lot easier. Thanks for your feedback!


Cheers, Scott.

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Re: Bigpond Movies Rant

Hi RegT - let's not start the Mac (for real grunt) vs. PC (pissant crappy **bleep**e) ok.


The excuse of "Commercial Reasons" is pretty light on. As the largest ISP in Australia, they would have clout you and I could only dream of. Just not the testicular fortitude to push it through.


Roll on NBN anyway. I wonder if anyone realises how far behind we are thanks to the big T.

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Re: Bigpond Movies Rant

Emissary - Usability 101 - don't hide essential information like that in FAQs. Sniff the browser (so, technology circa 2003) and tell the user of this fact.

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Re: Bigpond Movies Rant

Meh can't be bothered anymore. Just won't use the service again. Does anyone know if Optus has a similar service?

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Re: Bigpond Movies Rant

Agreed. What a joke. Telstra has been nothing but useless. I have only recently signed up to their very expensive service to experience nothing but grief. Not even their movie service works for the massive chunk of the market with macs. No doubt they've got some anti-competitve agreement in place with Microsoft. How delightful.

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