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Unexpected Error

I have recently paid for a movie and every time I try to watch it I get the error message:
Unexpected Error
We're sorry, there has been an error, try again later.
If this problem persists.....
So I have reset my system, checked my internet connection, checked for updates, reset my system again. I have done this for two days in a row.
I am currently on the phone waiting to talk to someone on the helpline. Is there anything anyone can recommend doing other than calling the helpline, which I have been on hold for 20 minutes and still waiting?

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Re: Unexpected Error

Just got off the phone with the support team who informed me they are having issues with a few movies not loading properly. Got a credit for the trouble. I feel sorry for the operators, would be a few unhappy people calling in. I'd hate to have their job, hats off to them.
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Re: Unexpected Error

I too have had the same message/issue trying to watch Bigpond Tv eg The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills S7 Episode 9. All other episodes work fine with the exception of this one. I tried watching it via Telstra Tv box & via my laptop.  I was about to tear my hair out. Now I can save myself and know that it is an issue with Bigpond/Telstra.




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