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Telstra TV and NBN

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I hope someone can help us.


We got Telstra TV last year whilst on the "Fast ADSL" network with Telstra. All worked fine all apps and no issues.


We were then "UPGRADED" to NBN and not one single app works.  Nothing at all.  


Meanwhile on our Panasonic Smart TV - after we unplugged the Telstra TV box, we can stream all catch up apps and Netflix with no issues, we can even get Big Pond Movies with no concerns.


We can't get Foxtel Now or Stan and we're now in possession of a reasonably useless little black box.


We've disconnected/uninstalled/reinstalled it all and nothing helps.


Beyond frustrated, we've given up unless someone out there knows what else we can do.


Any ideas?

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Re: Telstra TV and NBN

Did you change the network settings on the Telstra TV to point to the new Gateway (assuming that you changed to a new modem). Also, are you connected via wifi and is the wifi signal strong enough for the Telstra TV to see?


Other than that, no other settings need to be changed on the Telstra TV.