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Schedule Recharge every 30 days

Status: New Idea
by flowers-3 on ‎09-11-2012 04:02 PM

I had a problem yesterday cos my credit ran out, which is normal for a pre-paid, but I have a scheduled recharge on the 9th every month, and although I still had credit left, my credit ended on the 8th, as october has 31 days, not the 30 days the credit expires in. so I had no credit for the day.


Would it be possible to make a schedule Recharge every 30 days, instead of the once a month? as it is now.

by CRCinAU
on ‎03-01-2013 06:37 PM

Can I vote yes on this a million times. I really want this to happen. The 30 / 31 day recharge thing is just stupid and kills a lot of the whole idea of prepaid and automated top ups.

by denmardo
on ‎26-01-2013 01:03 PM

I wholeheartedly agree with this.   I, too, have been frustrated totally with this ridiculous situation ever since I have had my prepaid phone.  I have spoken to several Telstra customer service officers at the Telstra store, and their response is " sorry, that's just how it is."  basically, get over it, deal with it.  But I'm incredulous that in this day and age of technology, that the system is unable to solve this situation.  Given that Telstra promotes prepaid services quite strongly, and the service is a good one, there must be thousands of users out there having this problem.  So here's hoping Telstra hears our pleas, and solves this problem once and for all.  Telstra, we are waitingSmiley Happy

by samgill
on ‎09-04-2013 10:28 AM

could you raise the issue?


have lost my credit twice because of this flaw


please help




by JohnLRBentley
‎12-07-2013 09:45 PM - edited ‎12-07-2013 09:52 PM

Yes the 30-day-recharge-problem is a serious flaw. Coming from another telco and using Pre Paid: I was able to configure my plan and plus pack equivalents to automatically be recharged without losing credit. We shouldn't be required to manually fiddle with our account every X days.

My vote would be to extend the expiry date on each plan from 30 days to 31 days.

That would mean that a variety of existing scheduling options would work without needing any recoding on the Telstra side (in terms of the recurring payment options). For example if you set up recurring payments through your bank (via BPay for example) then your bank might only offer a calendar month recurrance interval, rather than X days. That is something beyond Telstras control.

Otherwise, yes, a recurring interval of every x days (so one could enter "30") would be second best.

One work around that us users can do, without having to wait for telstra, is to register your credit card details and use SMS recharging. So use an App to setup SMSs that recur every X days. "Handcent SMS" is one such app, for Android, that does this. The workaround might only address the basic recharge Account Balance Problem (as a new user I'm not clear on whether this will also work for Plus Packs).

by JohnLRBentley
‎13-07-2013 01:45 PM - edited ‎13-07-2013 01:52 PM

Two amendments to my previous post:


Firstly, although there are a range of options for addressing the 30-day-recharge-problem perhaps the best one would be to have credit expire on multiples of calendar months instead of every X days. So, for example, your Cap Encore $30 expires in "1 month"; the Simplicity $30 expires in "2 months". So too for Plus Packs (expiry in "1 month").


One reason why that might be desirable is many third party usage monitoring apps calculate rollover dates on a monthly basis rather than a "Every X days" basis. Of course they do this because most Telcos around the world figure it on a monthly (calendar) basis. I use Telstra 24x7 (and the widget is great, although it could improve) but I'd also like to use other usage monitoring apps.

Secondly, I now see that there is at least one complete workaround solution for us users. For I now see that Plus Packs (except for International Roaming Browse Plus Pack) can be purchased via SMS. So we should be able to have the following soluton:


Set up an "Every X Days" SMS schedule using an SMS App like Handset for the Basic Plan and Plus Packs. Set the Basic Plan to recharge at a particular time of day, then do the Plus Packs 10 minutes later.

Note that at the moment when you recharge the "30 day expiry", for both the Basic Plan and the Plus Packs, it is actually set to be 30 days plus 12 hours. You can confirm this by examining your expiry date/times in Telstra 24x7 or the online Mobile Handset Account (https://m.telstra.com/wsc/accountDetails.mml) (make sure to surf via 3G not Wifi).

That feels like a testimony to a clever Telstra programmer who thought things through when being handed down the (not obviously) ridiculous "30 day expiry" policy from above. That 12 hour window allows us to use a third party SMS app, like Handset, to perform a "Every X days" schedule without having to worry about losing credit due to timing issues. Thanks clever Telstra programmer!

by RowanB
on ‎11-03-2014 08:54 PM

Ahhh...  I have purchased a 30 day prepaid plan from Telstra, but I can't schedule an auto-recharge every 30 days.  If I set a scheduled recharge on the 1st day of every month, I lose any of my accumulated and carried-forward credits in 5 months out of every 12 months in a year (when there are 31 days in a month).  Also, I have 5 days when I don't have phone coverage as I haven't paid for my service.


Instead, I have to remember to log in and press the recharge button every 30 days.  This is a MANUAL step.  No doubt, I will still miss a payment and lose my credits anyway!


Talk about a poor product from Telstra...  Please help.


As per the previous posts, there are two options - either works for me...

1. change the plans to 31 days (or one calendar month).

2. provide a function to auto-recharge every x (i.e. 30) days

by edlowrey
on ‎22-04-2014 03:38 PM

This situation is really really silly. On a $30 dollar encore prepaid plan we are talking $5.00 per year ($6.00) for a leap year as the difference between having the charge based on a 30 day plan as opposed to a one month plan. So the total cost of a $30 dollar encore plan is $365 as opposed to $360 dollars for 12X30 = 360 days. The difference is negilgable.


If Telstra want to argue over the $5.00/$6.00 just put on a surcharge ($10) for a monthly debit process of so that continuity is maintained. I recognise that this is not what Telstra really wants as this then becomes a defacto contract but people want the service in this way. I pay my credit card of automatically every month. The banks and the visa would prefer me to have a constant debt but they realise that there are a large number of people who do not wish to opperate that way and some business is better than no business so they compromise. Telstra need to recognise that they need to work in the 21st century and that their business models need to reflect customer needs rather than Telstra's desires. 


Companies that ignore customers requirements inevitably suffer eg. Nokia or Sony ( used to be number one in the audio/visual area but their business models became too restrictive for consumers and they got left behind).

by wmc
on ‎03-05-2014 01:59 AM

JohnLRBently states that you get 30.5 days of credit which is true for your bonus credit, talk time etc. on your encore plan but this doesn't apply to your recharge credit. It lasts for 30 days and you can't tell exactly what time it runs out as it doesn't list a specific time, thus you are forced to recharge the day before so you dont loose your rollover credit.

The problem relating to the monthly scheduled recharge appears to have been around for years and there's been no attempt to fix it and it never will be. Telstra is making too much money out of it!!

by Virpi
on ‎04-06-2014 12:00 PM

I was wondering about this before the final click of scheduling and now that I found this discussion I feel so disappointed about Telstra that I might finally go and change operator...

by Louisa1
on ‎27-06-2015 10:13 AM
I vote yes to this to. 'Monthly' is not 28 days, 30 days is a much easier reminder to set. Plus it really just feels like another way Telstra is trying to rip us off...