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Here at Telstra we are committed to & passionate about constant growth and improvement. We believe that the users of our products and services can provide us with great insight to how things could work better. We will endeavour to work with you to bring your great ideas to fruition.

We encourage you to get involved with your ideas, and those of others, so that we can help bring about positive changes that benefit everyone. Please be aware that questions or issues that require attention would be best asked on the specific boards.

New Idea


Status: New Idea
by Electron99 on ‎22-03-2017 08:57 PM

Here's an idea.


Maybe Telstra telephone service can become intelligent.


Today I had THREE separate "technical" team members trying to sort out my NBN conection issues.  They phoned me on my Telstra NBN CONNECTED phone.  And each one asked me to turn the power off either the modem or the NBN box.  I fell for it each time.  Of course, our call got cut off each time and then I had to restart the process.


What a bunch of clowns.....

Movies per month, also free movies for loyalty

Status: New Idea
by tess1988 ‎10-04-2017 01:50 PM - edited ‎10-04-2017 01:51 PM

hi it would be nice if telstra offered 2 bigpond movies per month in some of there plans, eg. mobile or internet plans and it would also be nice if they could make a deal with apple and google for the same thing. i.e a credit to itunes/google play account that would expire at the end of the month.


another idea would be to include $15 worth of foxtel plan or 2 bigpond movies or netflix per month till contract ends/change of contract.


also if not another ideal might be here is a free bigpond movie or get $10 off your bill this month if you extend you current contract(including any handset payments meaning more money for telstra) for 1 or 3 months, maybe free nextflix credit worth 3 months if you extend you current contract for 3 months.

Publishing the rank ladder

Status: Planned
by Level 23: Superhero on ‎26-03-2012 02:09 PM - last edited on ‎27-03-2012 09:41 AM by Community Manager

Looks great Yannick.


Publishing the 'ladder' and also making it more visual will, in my opinion, allow newer posters to quickly and easily identify those who are most active in the community - especially when reading replies in their own threads.

Status: Planned

Hi @Kalak,


Just an update on these great suggestions - we are looking at some pretty dramatic changes with how our ranking is visualised with the planned CrowdSupport redesign in the first half of this year, so will definitely be incorporating your suggestions. 

Thanks - and if you have any further ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out

I've just noticed the new pictures at the top of the Idea Exchange, can you please change the link to remember that I'm actually logged in. Suggest changing it to: http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/forums/postpage/board-id/Idea_Exchange_Telstra_Consumer



Status: Completed
Link has been updated, thank you for reporting this issue.

iPhone Usage App

Status: Completed
by Community Manager ‎16-07-2012 04:08 PM - edited ‎16-07-2012 04:09 PM

Create an iPhone App that details not only data usage but also Plan usage (how much call allowance has been used etc.) Would be HEAPS easier than having to log into My Account all the time. There is one already, but it's not made by Testra and so is not overly reliable. One made by Telstra for Telstra Customers would be much more practical and accurate.


Posted: Candice Sanders

Status: Completed

It has finally arrived, we have officially launched the new Telstra 24x7™ App for iPhone which is now available in Apple iTunes store, take control and manage your Telstra Personal services on the move. Simply download, enter your My Account details and you’re ready to go!


Any question or suggestions about  Telstra 24x7™ App  let us know here

"Get Back In Touch" email is a great idea of re-contacting the Telstra consultant after an issue etc has been addressed (it saves a lot of time repeating oneself all over again!!).


However, can be more than confusing if customers phone Telstra to  (a) Discuss more than one issue requiring different departments and/or (b) are referred to another technician re. the same issue.  In both these instances, the customer receives more than one "Get Back in Touch" email - too confusing! I don't know about anyone else?? but I can never work out what email refers to what conversation I had or with who, and end up deleting them all.


My suggestion is - Can't there be a simple word reference stating what the call was about on these emails to make the above much easier???




"Thanks for your time today. I hope I’ve addressed everything regarding your Tbox

Should you need to follow up, your reference number is

INT x-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"




"Thanks for your time today. I hope I’ve addressed everything regarding connection problems with your internet

Should you need to follow up, your reference number is

INT x-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


Any other thoughts, anyone??


Status: Planned

Hi @Chezza52 and @DrQ,

Sorry it's been a while since we have updated you on this. Just wanted to let you both know that I have heard back from the Program Lead of the "You Have My Name" program, and they have let me know that they are introducing a new process to avoid the confusion you mentioned in your posts. As soon as I have more information, I will update you further. 

Thanks for your suggestion, and keep the great ideas coming! Smiley Happy 

CUSTDATA improvement

Status: Completed
by calixto on ‎21-07-2016 04:28 PM

Hello CustData application team, 


Using this avenue for suggestion. It would be very helpful if there is an option for customers to add name or identifier to easily identify which internet service belongs to what location. I just spoke to a customer who has over 20 internet services and they find it hard to scroll through and look for the data service and office that is exceeding limit.  At the moment, CUSTDATA  does only displays  opshandle and its corresponding NR# and most of our business customers identify their servdices according to its location.

Hoping this suggestion can  be implemented as it will benefit us and our customers. 


THANK YOU for hearing me out.  Best of Luck! 


Status: Completed

Community Knowledge Base

Status: Planned
by ‎29-08-2012 01:38 PM - edited ‎29-08-2012 01:59 PM



On the "Community knowledge base" home page can the following be done to help users locate articles easier;


1) Place the navigation bar where the "top contributors" bar is located currently (on the top of the page)

2) Change the "Navigation Bar" to be the same as the one located on the "Crowd Support" home page

3) Remove the filters because if the navigation bar can be changed than there would be no need for it.

4) Have the articles located under the same categories as they would be shown on the "Crowd Support" home page.


Cheers Smiley Happy


Edit: It would also be helpful to have a link or something from an article where you can send a message to the contributor who posted the article and mods with a proposed edit to be made.

Status: Planned

Hi @Christos,


Just an update that we are looking some radical overhauls to the Knowledge Base in the next few months as a part of our CrowdSupport redesign, so appreciate your suggestions and will be incorporating ones that suit our new design. 

Telstra Cloud Services Crowd Support Area

Status: Maybe Later
by LT16 on ‎15-12-2016 03:54 PM



I've noticed there is no crowd support area for Telstra Cloud Services. I think you should create one in the Business & Enterprise Area. Like the TIPT Space. 





Status: Maybe Later

Hi @LT16,


We have looked into our traffic around cloud services, and at this time, we don't have the demand to warrant an entire board, but as cloud computing becomes more popular, I imagine this changing in the future. 

We will definitely keep an eye on this and I will let you know if, and when, this changes. Smiley Happy 

Thanks, again, for your suggestion. 

Email Bill

Status: Under Review
by FedUpWithTLS on ‎13-01-2017 05:34 PM

I HATE having to logon just to retrieve my bill -such a waste of time! I therefore REQUEST THE FOLLOWING PLEASE

1. Have a real EMAIL BILL where you actually EMAIL us a PDF of the bill not just a notification that's it's avalable
once we spend 10 minutes logging on a downloading it.
b) Have the filename incorporate the DUE-DATE and the $AMOUNT.

2. Have a real BILL SUMMARY where you LIST the monthly $Dollar amounts so they can be printed / copied instead of
just bar graphs.

3. Give us an option of QUARTERLY bills - to reduce our Administration

4. The current 3 page bill wastes too much space / paper - can it be consolidated into 1 or 2 pages - especially when I have so few 'not included' items.

Status: Under Review

Hi @FedUpWithTLS,


Heard back from the Customer Advocacy Strategy Manager who manages email bills and they are gong to look into trying to incorporate the consolidating of the bill so it appears over 2 pages instead of 3, as well as the amount and due-date in the Email subject line in their next redesign. I will update you further when I hear more information.

Looks like we are making some progress with this idea! Thanks for your great suggestion. Smiley Happy  

Telstra Seniors Digital Inclusion Bundle (Phablet??)


  1. Telstra’s Commitment to Seniors is outlined in the 2016 Annual Report, p 31, as follows:


“Promoting digital literacy

Being confident and literate with technology is an essential skill in the digital age… (and) …help to increase digital inclusion, reduce social isolation, improve access to government information and services via the internet, and improve awareness and resilience to online fraud and financial abuse.”


2.   The ‘age gap’ is substantial, but steady

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2016, states “People aged 65+ are Australia’s least digitally included demographic group (41.6, or 12.9 points below the national average). This ‘age gap’ has remained relatively steady over time.” 2


3.   Background Analysis


While entrepreneurs and names like Radio Shack, Sinclair, Commodore and Atari had enthusiast and geek “desk top”, make it yourself “Kit” forms of a PC from the 60’s and 70’s, the first PC that justified widespread use was the IBM XT released in August 1981. 3


By 2000 the PC was so ubiquitous in the workplace and increasingly in the home, that the world as we knew it was predicted to end at midnight on 31 December 1999 due to the Y2K bug.


Seniors who retired prior to 2000 are now 75-80 at least, although there are some males who had a “Blue Collar” career and little exposure, as well as some Females in this age group who were not in the workforce. While there are exceptions, we expect that the largest sub segment of the +65 demographic group who are not “Digitally Included” are 75+ or even 80+, with an even mix of Male and Female. (This assumption is supported by analysis of 1,000 recent enrolment figures via Brisbane Seniors On-Line). Any parent under 65 has, very likely, been exposed through children.


This Seniors “Digitally Excluded” demographic has a Fixed Phone, Free-to-Air TV and a high percentage have (simple) mobiles. They would be classified as “Very Slow” in adopting new technology.


There is also a large “ignorance” of the concept of being “on –line”. In multiple interviews with seniors, the conversation is regularly along lines such as: “No, I am not on-line, ….but I do Google things, …. I listen to the ABC on my phone, ….I check the news, … I check the weather …” etc. Many older people associate “being on-line” with Apps like Facebook or Twitter, or being “in the cloud”!

4.   Needs of the Seniors “Digitally Excluded” demographic



  • Keeping in touch with Family and Friends12
  • Photography – both taking, storing, viewing, and organizing.
  • compiling (photographic) history
  • Mail needs to be encouraged*
  • Banking, although there are reservations with Trust and Security which need to be overcome*
  • Centrelink, MyGov and My Aged Care*
  • Click and Collect Shopping*
  • Games and puzzles
  • Social Media
  • News Papers
  • Travel
  • Maps
  • Weather
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Security
  • Health Care
  • Personal Alarm
  • On-line Gambling
  • Stock market/day trading


* There is an underlying “no need” with some of these applications as each gives them an excuse to go downtown and interact with real people.


Each customer needs to be supported by an on-line “mentor” and a facility to make changes and do updates remotely.


5.   The Future of the PC 4

  1. 2016 Global Shipments down 5.7%
  2. Market Leaders (Lenovo, HP & Dell) all moving to Hybrid Tablets
  3. New MacBook Pro and Surface Studio are being targeted at Professional Offices only.
  4. PCs and Hybrids shipped to homes is falling faster than average decline
  5. Hybrid keyboards already an (unnecessary?) option in the home.
  6. Interfaces have been disappearing, no RS232, no CD drive, can not copy to a flash drive from tablets.
  7. Each software release moves more to Cloud Backup and Storage
  8. Printers are no longer wired, now WiFi or Air Print


So the 80+ person starting today will not be starting with a PC or Laptop. The current Digitally Excluded will buy (or be given) a Tablet or large smartphone (Phablet). Unfortunately this person is also anti change, and anti Social Media, and past a certain point has poor fine motor skills.


6.   Access and Affordability


Access and affordability are not just about the direct financial cost of the package. The unnecessary complexity of accommodating, maintaining, and being responsible for the equipment that they do not need or understand is overwhelming.


It makes little sense for a 80+ to be forced to have NBN Broadband, 3 new Power Points, new WiFi Modem and PC package simply to remain in contact with family via Facebook or do the occasional banking transaction on a tablet or smartphone.


Many group tables at the “Queensland’s Digital Divide: Discussion and Workshop” on Tuesday 15 November 2016 came up with versions of the same suggestion on this one. More considered placement of public, or semi public WiFi, in retirement villages, indigenous communities, public housing, home unit complexes etc.


Just after the launch of the iPhone 6 in September 2014, a simple question on Telstra CrowdSupport asked: “Can I bundle my Smartphone with a WiFi Broadband Bundle without having a fixed line?” This Question has had over 38,000 views! This is an unprecedented amount of interest. 


Customers would like to have a Mobile bundled with WiFi Broadband access without the Fixed Line, but the current Telstra policy is NO! You must have a fixed line to have ADSL.


7.   So the “Bundle” needs to look like:

  • Mobile Phone Plan such as the current Mx with typical Call package
  • Includes 1 to 2Gb Data


  • Includes lowest cost, Largest (6”) screen, Android with Qi wireless charging such as:
    • Motorola Nexus 6
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    • Huawei Mate 8 (Qi??)
  • Android due to the range of elderly or disabled Apps. See: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.simplymobile.simplephone&hl=en
  • Qi Charging because older people will have difficulty with or break a lightning connector or mini USB etc
  • No fixed line, no Modem to maintain, no power points to install, no NBN Connection box, no Battery Backup
  • Includes Telstra Air® access for (say) 5-25 Gb, without the need to “Share”
  • (Initially) Limited to Customers with a concession card, and who are not currently connected to the internet.
  • Optionally, a current fixed line may be disconnected and converted to CDNO for 2 years at no rental or diversion costs. (There is a perception that older friends are reluctant to call a mobile due to the higher cost)


Target Bundle Cost = $55 per month (Incl Concession Discount)


8.   Barriers:

  1. Confidence
  2. Experience
  3. Cost
  4. Need
  5. Device
  6. Lack of fine motor skills
  7. Responsibility for accommodating and maintaining equipment

h.     Emotional Isolation and Oppression (domestic violence, elder abuse): Note – it is uncomfortable to admit, realize or accept the number of women and elderly who fall into this category and I personally find it a sad and confronting commentary on Australian society


9.   Market Size for the “Bundle”



  • Bulk of the 65+ Digitally Excluded is 75 – 90 (by logic from Sect 3)
  • Total Persons 75 – 90 5
    • Males                                     140 M
    • Females                                     207 M
    • Total                                     247 M
  • Total Persons over 65                         57 M
    • Persons 65 – 75 and > 90             32 M
  • Total number of Broadband connections 2M 6
  • Total Businesses with Employees 837K 7
  • Other Broadband connections 36 M
  • Number of Households 241 M 8
  • Number of Families 703 M 8
  • One Person Households (likely market) 25% or 2.31 M 8 


There is a problem in that all reported data bundles the 3.57 Million over 65 into a single 30 year span basket. There is no logic to suggest that 65-75 are anything more than a little further down the curve than 55-65. 75-85 are further down the curve again, and 85+ on the edge of falling off the edge? From ABS table 8146.0 below it is reasonable to extrapolate that 65-75 could have 700,000 non users, and 75-85 around the 1 M. From the ACMA Data, 65-75 could be 85% included and 75-85 70%, and the over 85 as low as 20-40% (in order to arrive at the ACMA figure of 68%)

Based on these assumptions, the 75-85 demographic could have 30% of 1 Million households without internet, say 300,000.




(You will arrive at a similar 300,000 figure a number of ways, eg 1.25 M by 49% “don’t use”, by 50% in 75-90 = 300,000)

  • As with employment, and other metrics there are 5% unreachable (15K)




The truly excluded are difficult to reach. Not on-line, watch and listen to ABC, Anti Social, Anti Change, No Needs, and maybe No Money after drinks, smokes, cars, and pokies!


Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 2014-15 Date Published: 18 Feb 2016, Catalogue Number: 8146.0

The main reasons given for not accessing the internet at home were: 9

  • no need (63%), 189,000
  • lack of confidence or knowledge (22%), 66,000
  • and cost (16%) 48,000


“No Money” is an individual lifestyle choice, but drinks, smokes, cars and pokies rate much higher than being “digitally included”?


The first to reach are the Lack of Confidence and Cost    114,000


Queensland is 20% of national                                           22,800


A significant portion of target are likely to be 250,000 residents of Retirement Communities 10 where the access avenues are complex, but largely controlled by (outsourced) OT providers such as Access Therapies, whose business models are opportunistic and predatory!


These retirement communities are also "low hanging fruit" for NBN providers, badgering residents into packages that are not appropriate.





10.        Cost for the “Bundle”


Target $55 per month, (incl seniors discount)


The installation of Telstra Air Hotspots in places such as Aged Care Centers, Social Housing estates, or unit blocks with a high elderly demographic should be at no additional cost, but rather a re-priority of Telstra Air Hotspot roll-out


11.        Revenue for the “Bundle”


Assuming a target of 20% of the Lack of Confidence and Cost market totaling           114,000, expect a full first year of say 20,000, or 10,000 year average

  • At $50/month
  • Equals $6M in a full year
  • 50% winback = $3 Million
  • 50% current low value Telstra Customers, high bad debt, high churn, say zero net gain.


The significant benefits of this bundle are if it could be extended to the 2 Million potential customers in rental accommodation. This demographic is 80%+ of “Churn” at a non recovered churn cost of $100 per churn event. This is an avoidable cost of $160 Million per year, with half the customers taking the bundle being “Win-back” of customers with an average ARPU of $55 per month means additional revenue of over 500 Million per year. (see 15. Legal Issues)


12.        Activation Issues for the “Bundle”


This Bundle would require a new Product Billing Code, but all other activities would be consistent with current fulfillment processes.


Bundle would need to be activated via personal FoH processes as customer ID, Concession Number, Credit history etc would need to be checked


13.        Service Assurance Issues for the “Bundle”


While Service Assurance should not be any different to any current bundle, it is recommended that any phone being delivered as part of the Bundle be pre-loaded with Telstra 24/7 app and a Live Chat shortcut. As the customer base is likely to require more initial “Hand Holding” and remote assistance.


Future Assurance may broaden to encompass smart TV, Streaming etc controlled with Apps and no PC. It may also include supporting the Home IOT (Internet of Things) particularly security, but also Energy, shopping, Transportation, Über, Air B&B…?


14.        Billing Issues for the “Bundle”


No Billing Issues foreseen


15.        Legal Issues for the “Bundle”


The positioning of Telstra Air Hot Spots in Aged Care Centers, Social Housing estates, or unit blocks with a high churn demographic may be seen as an anti-competitive in limiting the carrier choice for the bundle to Telstra


16.        References:


  1. https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/about-us/investors/pdf-e/2016-Annual-Report.pdf page 31
  2. http://digitalinclusionindex.org.au page 6
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_personal_computers
  4. http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3474218
  5. http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/DetailsPage/3235.02015?OpenDocument
  6. http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/PrimaryMainFeatures/8153.0?OpenDocument
  7. http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/8161.0.55.001
  8. https://aifs.gov.au/facts-and-figures/households-australia/households-australia-source-data#projecti...
  9. http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/8146.0
  10. https://agedcare.health.gov.au/tools-and-resources/ageing-and-aged-care-research-and-statistics/gene...
  11. https://www.whistleout.com.au/MobilePhones/Search?calls=30&data=50&simonly=true&tab=contract

12. BSOL Research results (Jan 2017) from the internal and external surveys indicate that the main reason for using computers is to keep in touch with family and friends

Status: Under Review

Hi @Palpatine,


Sorry it's taken me such a long time to respond. I really apprciate the time nad effort you've put into this idea. I have been trying to find the best person in the company to take a look at it, but so far I'm just waiting for someone to get back to me with some further information.


In the meantime, I found an employee with a similar idea to yours, on Telstra's own internal Ideas exchange, the Innovation Hub. I'm going to try to work with her, to see if we can use your ideas in concert with hers and take it into the business.


I'll keep you updated with how this progresses. Thanks again, you'll hear from me soon.


- Margie

Caring for customers

Status: Under Review
by swerven on ‎02-02-2017 11:03 PM
It would be great if the contact centers could actually resolve issues and contact the customer back with helpful news instead of sending call back links that just cause the customer to be dragged through several agents with no resolution . A "how did we do " call with a local representative empowered to assist customers would make a real difference instead of technology blocks such as emails and texts that can't be replyed to blocking any way a customer can interact in either a positive or negative way. The current methods mean Telstra chooses if it wants to provide service or not , leaving any reasonable customer with a genuine problem with no way to respond . This would seem incongruous with being able to "Thrive" when you can get adequate support to use the technology due to errors in the system . The managers of customer care need to go back to the drawing board on this one if they are to achieve any measure of customer satisfaction .
Status: Under Review

Thanks for your suggestion @swerven. I am sorry to hear you haven't had the customer service experience we strive to provide. I have contacted a customer service manager on your behalf to see if there is a way we can incorporate your ideas into our service experience. I will update you as soon as I have further information. 

Improve internal call transfer process

Status: Planned
by MissTee on ‎02-02-2017 11:39 PM

I was thinking about why I don't like calling Telstra. Whilst dealing with the limitations of  call centres today  is a drag it's universal but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. Whinging doesn't help but nor does what large organisations are doing in the name of more effective (read - cost cutting) methods which really don't eliminate rework and double handling. All that has just been thrust back upon customers to suck up shoddy service as a 21st century thing.


But that's not what I'm most reluctant to call Telstra for.


I really dislike having to give my story over and over along wtih my full name, details and dob every single time I'm transferred and the likelihood of being transferred is high but that is another story... the story of the silo Smiley Happy


I am aware that there are KPI's, privacy et al that insist the consultant properly ID's a customer but every single time in the same call instance is a sure fire way to incite frustration not cooperation and it's endemic in Telstra. Each conversation is a ground hog day where you have to start again and if it's more than one transfer it's going to start to get unpleasant for the customer and for staff. 


So... internally staff can't access other staff easily and do some queue dropping, that's one issue but what has happened to note taking ability which the systems do allow for? Why can't a customer's issue be adequately documented during the call including that ID check has been conducted and relevant details collected? Something else? What can Telstra do to improve this and eliminate the groundhog moment? I know in other organisations they transfer and don't do the ID check again but will obtain the equivalent of the AGS and document that which is as good as signifying that ID was conducted. C'mon Telstra put your heads together and come up with something.





Status: Planned

Hi @MissTee,


Thanks for taking the time to leave your suggestion. We really appreciate it, and certainly understand, as @Georgie mentioned in her reply, that getting this right is one of the most important things we need to for our customers. 


In regards to your idea, I can tell you that there are works in motion to improve this process and as soon as I can provide you with some more information, I will let you know. Smiley Happy 

Keep the great ideas coming!  

It would be great to see a page similar to the "Device Updates" page at https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Device-Updates/bd-p/Device_Updates for other hardware such as Telstra branded modems, routers, smart home gear, Telstra TV's etc. 

Status: Under Review

Thanks for your idea @Shannongob Smiley Happy I have approached our Community Manager @DanK about this idea, and it is currently being reviewed. I will update you when I have further information. Keep the ideas coming!

Order status page

Status: Under Review
by MacManOz on ‎12-03-2017 06:31 PM
Once you buy online, Telstra should offer an order status page that is attached to your 24x7 account login.

This way customers can view where in the provisioning cycle our order is. This will increase NPS and reduce calls to the contact centers.
Status: Under Review

Hi @MacManOz,


Thanks for your suggestion. I have reached out to a My Account specialist and will update you when I hear back. Keep your ideas coming - they are greatly appreciated. 



Apparently ordering Travel Pass' for mobiles is not available in YTT. 


The Buy Now link on the the public website with the travel passes takes you to YTT to login but it just takes me to the YTT Home page. I've also pressed the activate international roaming option for the mobile and there was no additional options afterwards. 


I went on Telstra chat (via website) for an hour and still wasn't able to find an answer. Apparently Travel Passes are not yet intergrated into YTT. 


I want to suggest that this is made available under the mobile and mobile broadband section of YTT. 





Status: Clarification Needed

Hi again, @LT16,


Have just been speaking to a Digital Enablement Specialist from YTT, and I just wanted to clarify if you were a small business customer, or a business and enterprise or government customer?

Look forward to hearing back from you. 

Client notes

Status: New Idea
by debra_ellen on ‎19-04-2017 05:39 PM

Hi Guys


Can anyone advise if there is an  "area" in my Account pages that I can make notes regarding calls etc I have made to Telstra for assistance?  If not then maybe it could be considered.

Monthly E Billing Personalised

Status: New Idea
by Mit2 on ‎28-03-2017 07:06 PM
As I have always had an automatic payment on my account and I have planned never to be overdue by ensuring the F/N amount exceeds my monthly bill.
I find it objectionable particularly when the product I am purchasing is at the upper end of your home B/band bundles to read the words "please ensure we receive your payment by the due date printed on the bill every month.The generic nature of the wording shows an absolute lack of connection with customers as vital contibutors to the wealth creation of your corporation and smacks of;

"you use our product make sure your paying on time for it, after all, you are, only a mere consumer"

besides the fact of it showing no acknowledgement or knowledge of the performace (so to speak) of the actual account it is referring to.
Surely you can have a manner in your E billing that atleast lets us know you have some knowledge if who we are????

Suggested Ranking Badges

Status: Completed
by Community Manager on ‎26-03-2012 01:40 PM

Hi all,


As part of the CrowdSupport Community Forum’s evolution, we are looking to update the ranking badges and would like to know what our member are thinking. In the simplest terms, our team want to better recoginize participation and promote helpful behavior. 

The section below illustrates some of the enhanced badges.


rank-icon-super-star.png Honored Contributor

rank-icon-mega-star.png Esteemed Contributor

rank-icon-rock-star.png Respected Contributor

rank-icon-all-star.png Trusted Contributor

rank-icon-100-star.png Super Contributor

rank-icon-10-star.png Senior Member

rank-icon-01-star.png Occasional Visitor

rank-icon-newbie.png New


I recognize many community members will ask what the criteria is for achieving each rank in the hierarchy however to eliminate the likelihood of system abuse, we have decided not to publicize the exact ranking criteria. My suggestion is continue contributing and you will naturally progress but as a guide of some of the elements which we take into consideration as a general guide.


  • Kudos Given
  • Kudos Received
  • Length of Time on the Community
  • Number of logins
  • Posts marked as “Accepted Solution”
  • Total number of Posts (minus deleted posts)
  • Total Number of Tags applied throughout community
  • Time spent online in the Community Forums


Let me know your comments, suggestions, or feedback on these and i will provide further updates in the future.

Status: Completed
I hope you like your new profile badges.