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Lismore Store Complaint

On Friday, 27/5 at 4.35pm, I went into the Lismore Telstra Shop to 'collect' a modem that I believed would fix an issue with my ADSL connection.  I have had an ADSL outage since Thursday PM 19/5.  Telstra technical support told me that the issue was most probably my modem, and as a way of resolving the issue they suggested I get a new modem.  There were two ways of achieving this - one way was for me to purchase the modem outright from a Telstra shop, and then the cost of this modem would credited to my bill.

This was done for a specific purpose:  1.  My ADSL did not work.  2. Telstra suggested that their 'solution' would be to get a new product (new modem), and that this would fix my connection.  3.  The new modem did NOT fix my connection.  
To my mind, the purchase of a product that does not fit the purpose for what it was intended (that is, that this modem would fix my problem, and that is DOESN'T) would be eligible for refund according to the Trade Practices Act.
I was absolutely STUNNED that on 28/5, retail assistant named Amy refused my request for refund, or indeed even to credit my account.  She stated that there was no-one in the store that was authorised to give me a refund or account credit.
This complaint is directed specifically to this interaction at the Telstra Shop on Saturday 28/5 with store assistant Amy.  I appreciate (now) that there was no-one available that day to refund me.  However, Amy led me to believe that my complaint about my product not being 'fit' was invalid, and that I had merely "changed my mind"! and therefore not eligible for refund/credit.  
I am most unhappy with how Amy dealt with my issue.  She basically refused to entertain a refund, and stuck to her position that I had "changed my mind", and therefore would need to see the store manager on Monday and get them to 'review' her decision.  This is what really made "my blood boil".  
Q:/  How is it that, upon receiving advice that if I were to purchase a product, it would fix my problem.  The product did not fix my problem.  I requested a refund.  How is that "changing my mind?".  The product does not fit the intended purpose - that is, that it would fix my ADSL problem.
I told Amy that I generally found Telstra's handling of this issue, "appalling".  Amy replied that , "that's okay, I also find the way that I had spoken to her "appalling".  Frankly, I never once raised my voice at her, and I was polite.  I simply wanted to understand the reasoning for her not refunding.  If she couldn't do it because she wasn't allowed, that would have been okay.   She led me to believe that she was 'allowed', but that she just didn't want to.
I find it appalling, that as a customer, my frustration at not having a service, and then being denied a refund for a product that Telstra told me to purchase, and being treated with such a lack of respect, unbecoming of a retail clerk.  The pride and arrogance of her was an amazing sight to behold for me.  I have never in my 42 years of life been subjected to such poor customer service.
To resolve:  Obviously ideally, I would like a cash refund for my purchase.  If this can't be done, then I see no reason why $216 (cost of modem) should not just be credited to my bill.  If these cannot be done, I have no choice but to escalate the matter to Ombudsmen or Consumer Affairs.
I can be contacted <removed for your privacy> to resolve this issue.

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Re: Lismore Store Complaint

Hi Amy, as a fellow customer like you here to help out as part of the CrowdSupport community I do share the frustration from your retelling of events.

From my experience in having my own issues dealt with by Telstra I've always found the online and phone services to be better at dealing with customer support issues and use Telstra stores as a sales channel. From your conversation with the technician notes would have been made on your account regarding what you were advised. I would encourage you to have a quick chat with a Telstra customer care team member through LiveChat 24/7, let them know you'd like to request the credit back for the modem as previously discussed with the technician and they can then take care of your concerns from thereon. I hope this solution works for you as I myself have always found the LiveChat staff do try everything they can to provide a positive outcome for us customers. Smiley Happy


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Re: Lismore Store Complaint

Hi Motherflower,


I'm disappointed to hear you had to go through that and it's not the sort of experience we want our customers to go through especially after being without service. Not all Telstra store's have the ability to provide a refund or credit. What I have seen happen in this scenario is that you are provided with a reference number (Typically INT 1-XXXXXXXXXXX), go in store and make the purchase the our billing team will arrange the credit onto your account. If you would like to raise a complaint you can find out how to do so here: Lodging a complaint with Telstra.





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