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Email address tranfer

A email address linked to a BigPond account years ago. How do I get it transferred to another BigPond account ? . It was for a family member,then living at home, now independent.  We are both still Telstra customers with our own Telstra accounts.

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Re: Email address tranfer

the only possible way I know of would be to request it to be changed as a change of ownership request. That would require both of you to visit a store or call 132200 together so both can be identified to authorise the transfer. 


Or to both complete the form linked below;


That being said it can be done with services, but, I am not overly sure if it can be done with an email address... theoretically I would expect it should be possible but I can’t say for sure. 

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Re: Email address tranfer

Thank you this worked. Rang 132200 no. and as both of us were available, had Telstra account details and able to identify ourselves, the email address was transferred as "Change of Ownership".


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