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Outgoing mail

I'm in Iceland, and my Telstra Bigpond account on my iPhone 10 isn't sending mail - but I'm receiving it. Weird. I'm getting the 'Cannot send mail' error message: 'the connection to the outgoing server "" failed'. Can anybody help, please?

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Re: Outgoing mail

Hi - I think this is because you are outside Australia at the moment and have no access to Bigpond's outgoing mail server on it's current port setting.

You can get round this in two or three ways, two simple, one more complex.

1 (simple) use Telstra's webmail service - just login using your email address and password for the account on your phone. Click here:


2 (complex) set up a Gmail account and use that as the outgoing server while you are away.


Of the two methods, number 1 is imo the favourite as it leaves your email settings intact on your phone, and setting up GMail to work correctly is a bit of a pain, and very hard to do on a phone screen. It also involves setting up a GMail account with a password etc which you may not want to do.


If you do use Telstra's webmail, there should be an option to bcc yourself on any mail you send, keeping your conversations 'intact' on your phone while you are away.


3 There is another (simple) idea here too:

if you are happy to find and change the email outgoing server details in your phone while you are away. On an iPhone these are Settings Password & Accounts:Your Bigpond Mail Account:

then Click 'Account' at top of screen (should have your email address alongside in grey text)

Scroll down to 'Outgoing Mail Server' SMTP (says in grey text to the right)

Click '' and you'll see the Server port number at the bottom. 

Click this, backspace and enter 587 then click 'Done' top r/h corner of screen.


Go back to your email app and try and send an email.


As I said, might be easier to use the webmail !


Good luck!



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