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Telstra outgoing mail server



we have two servers that are at separate locations with separate telstra accounts and connections. Both servers cannot connect to the telstra mail server. We are receiving emails just fine but the out going ones just sit in the cue on the server. No changed were made to either server. It appears that the last emails that made it out were at 3:15am on Saturday. Does anyone know if the "smart mail host" has changed? We were using as the host name. We have tried changing it to and

please help


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Re: Telstra outgoing mail server

Any news on this I have several clients with copiers that no longer scan to email. ..?

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Re: Telstra outgoing mail server

Hello Damco1 - I too have had the same issue and have dug a little deeper to find the root cause... its their DNS!


Simply use the IP address for ( and you should be fine.


If using as a smarthost in Exchange, just add the IP address to the list and restart.



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