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emails being blocked by telstra - wasn't previously blocked??

I have a client that is on bigpond who used to receive emails which goes out as part of a bulk send at the end of each month, she is now not receiving them for the last 3 months.  They are statements (not marketing) and she needs to receive them.  The software IT company have confirmed all correct at their end. our servers have confirmed all logged ok from their end and that it is a telstra server blocking is issue.  we need to have our email whitewashed via you for the cleint to recieve - please advise how we arrange this, see below what tech wrote:

checks have shown the email leaving your application, and being delivered through Microsoft 365 to the Bigpond mail server. Their Bigpond provider is where the problem is. Your customer will need to ask for your email to be whitelisted.

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Re: emails being blocked by telstra - wasn't previously blocked??

@Misty79 wrote:

I am not sure if there's any such thing, however, see if your client can add you in their contact and then they receive the emails and are not ending up in spam folder or junk folder.


Also, it will be helpful to know what email client are they using? Outlook, Mac mail or thunderbird?




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