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sending group emails

We're using Thunderbird as our email client and now need to send out emails perhaps once a month to members of a non-profit group we belong to. Our list is set up, but when we try to send the messages out (we have around 160 members) using BCC for privacy reasons, we receive a reply that there are too many emails for the server. Does anyone have a solution or suggestions for sending out that number of emails?

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Re: sending group emails

Have this been resolved? If not I will check on it for you and will try to get a solution for it.


I am a Telstra Employee participating in CrowdSupport on my own time. My opinions are my own and not that of Telstra's. Please mark the response "Answered" if I was able to answer your query in anyway.
Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: sending group emails

Not really, we have resulted to breaking up our mailing list into smaller lists or 10 recipients and then emailing to each small list separately - with 15 smaller email lists we can send out emails to all our members, but it is a painful time consuming process.

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