Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)


We are exiting the BigPond Group Dial Plans in a phased approach from November 2013 as the technology will no longer be supported.


We will be offering our existing services which are widely available ranging from ADSL and mobile broadband for internet needs and a selection of services from the T-Suite Applications portal for customers with domain, email plans and website hosting needs.


How will this impact my bill?

The fee for this plan will be removed from your bill from the time that either you active a new service, inform us that you wish to cancel your service or from the dates stipulated in the letters sent out to you.


How will I be informed?

We will initially send out a letter in the mail.


When will this occur?

We will be commencing the exit of the plans from November 2013 and this will be phased out over a five month period. 


I am not using any of the services how do I cancel?

Simply call one of the numbers below to confirm you would like to cancel your BP Group Dial plans, mailboxes and domain hosting and webhosting services, where applicable. Note, if you would like to transfer your services to an alternative solution, this should be done prior to cancellation.


  • If you are Account Managed call your Account Executive.
  • If you are not Account Managed please call 1800 731 874.


We also have information available for you covering:



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