GameNow Exit - 14 February 2014

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

The gameNOW subscription service is no longer available for purchase and existing customers will no longer have access to the product from 14 Feb 2014.

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Is that it for bigpond gaming or is something else coming?

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Community Manager

Hi crazyed66,


Game Arena will still be available, but at this stage there is no planned replacement for GameNow.


Thanks, Tim


Thanks a lot Telstra, I am a counrty subscriber and unlike my city conterparts who pay half the price for unlimited use that I pay for 15G this was my only way to play games without using all my download - just a pity there is not much choice out our way in regards to internet services because boy I would be looking elsewhere. 


Telstra has taken my subscription ,valid until the 7th Feb but I have been unable to acsess Game now for 2 WEEKS. Sent a help form for issue ID 33:  8 days ago and have had no reply, sent another one a few days ago still no reply. Have they already abandoned the help section ? Phoned Telstra no one had a clue, in fact the person I spoke to did not know what Gamenow was.


truly disappointed about games now not continuing - are there going to be other options??????

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Community Manager

Hi tezzagilrl,


As mentioned just above Game Arena will still be available, but at this stage there is no planned replacement for GameNow specifically.


Are you not making enough money out of it.  How much profit do you need to make before you give something back to the consumer.

  If I had a choice I would use another provider oh by the way when is the new broad band coming to Nowra. 


Bigpond stinks but it is the only service I have. 

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This is very disappointing. My kids use GameNow, keeps them busy especially over the holidays.  Are we  going to be told 'why' it is no longer offered?

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Just wondering, when I open a game and play usually for quite some time, am I paying for the priviledge by using up part of my valuable Big Pond 8GB of memory

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I am disappointed with Telstra. They have closed the BigPond News site; now they are closing this games site.  I can't see that you can play games at Games Arena - there only seems to be reviews. And the Sky News page is a joke.