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From June 27 2019 Visual voicemail and ability to send SMS are no longer available on the Telstra T-Hub.


All T-Hub support questions will be managed here on Crowdsupport, Telstra's online community.


Our community knowledge base is full of useful information about our products and services, just click here for T-Hub.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q Why can’t I call Telstra for support anymore?

As the T-Hub is an older handset, support needed from our customers is minimal, so we've decided to move this to our online forum.


Q What if my T-Hub is not working because of a phone line fault?

Use our troubleshooting tips here to fix the issue.


Q How can I check my voicemail now that Visual Voicemail is no longer available on my T-Hub ?

You can still check voicemail on your T-Hub with Telstra Home Messages 101 – simply dial ‘101’ from your T-Hub


Q What if my question isn’t on the community knowledge base?

You can ask a question here





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Level 3: Gumshoe

My t-hub stopped working, the screen went black and when it is on charge the charge light is red and now my phones don't work, I can't get a dial tone on the handsets and when I call my home number there is no ring tone, my phone line is still working because I have now plugged in an old phone that I use when I have no power (during thunderstorms)

Level 1: Cadet

Is the Original T Hub still compatible

Level 2: Rookie

My THub-2 stops working about 1 minute after removing from the dock and the battery is full of charge. Also how can I delete all the emails in one operation. Currently has to be done one at a time.

Just Registered

I am at my wits end...1hour and 20 minutes on the phone and not getting anywhere and told by a person whose english is difficult to understand. I have a faulty T Hub 2 handset. Stops working within minutes off the cradle and the display is nearly unreadable with interference lines all over it

Level 2: Rookie

My T-Hub2 tablet has stopped working, and will now not turn on at all.  I am also having troubles with the handsets either ringing long enough to answer before it diverts to voicemail, and when making a phone call, if I can, they regularly just stop working. 

Level 2: Rookie
My T-Hub stopped working two days ago with handset. Cant turn them off etc. please advise what to do?
Just Registered

My t hub is not working keeps propping up messages with programmes stopped working, email, Google etc. updated and now not only am I still getting messages I can't get past the t hub set up page. No home page, cant return, cant access accessories. Frozen on set up page

Just Registered
My t hub constantly turns off.
It does not go past set up stage when turned back on.
Will not work when off the cradle.
Is there a resest or something I can do to get it operational again.
Just Registered
My t Hub has literally exploded the top , lucky it hasn't caused a fire. You can see where the battery has swelled somehow and the front glass has lifted. What should I do?
Level 2: Rookie
My t-hub will not start i hace a yellow light and I have it charged up how can I fix this?
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