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Telstra Online Security Exit

by Community Manager ‎23-11-2016 10:22 AM - edited ‎06-12-2016 11:21 AM (5,328 Views)

Why are you exiting my Service now?

We introduced Telstra Broadband Protect to better protect our broadband customers in June 2015.

Your Telstra Online Security service isn’t eligible to be migrated to Telstra Broadband Protect.


Why isn’t my Service eligible to be migrated to Telstra Broadband Protect?

If you currently have Telstra Safe Central, Free Anti-Virus or received Security via a free Promotion, Our Customer Terms for Telstra Online Security do not allow us to migrate your service to Telstra Broadband Protect.


If the BigPond username you used to sign up for your Telstra Online Security service isn’t associated with a Telstra ADSL, Cable or NBN service and/or your Account Number doesn’t begin with 2000 then we can’t migrate your service to Telstra Broadband Protect.


You may be able to sign up for Telstra Broadband Protect if you have another BigPond Username that meets these requirements


Can I cancel my service now?

Yes, you can log into https://www.telstraonlinesecurity.com/selfcare.aspx at any time and cancel your service


Will you tell me when the exit is completed?

You’ll receive an email from us on or after the 31st January 2017 advising you that your service has been exited


When will charges stop appearing on my bill?

If you were being billed for Telstra Online Security you shouldn’t see any new charges on future bills after your service is exited.


If you normally receive your bill early in the month, your final charge may appear on your next bill


What does my bill look like now?

If you’re currently being billed for Telstra Online Security it will appear under

  • Applications and Entertainment Services
  • Other Charges or Credits

Some customers will see the charge described as Additional Services One Off Fee Adjustment

The Charge may be described as

  • Telstra Online Security Monthly
  • Safe Browser Monthly


How will I help protect myself after my Service is exited?

If you’re eligible you can sign up for Telstra Broadband Protect.

If you’re a Telstra Business customer you may consider available security applications in the Telstra Apps Marketplace.

Or you can choose from other available security services suitable for your needs.

Find out more about how Telstra recommends you keep yourself safe online


What happens to my software?

After the 31st January 2017 (unless you cancel yourself first), your software will become inactive and your computer will not be protected from new threats.


You’ll need to remove the software from your computer and if you’d like to continue to have online security you’ll need to replace it with security software which can be kept up to date.


How do I uninstall the software?

See here for details about how remove the Telstra Online Security, Telstra Safe Central or Free Anti-Virus software from your computer.


The email you receive from us upon cancellation will include information on how to remove your software


What if I have more than one Telstra Online Security Service?

Only the service associated with the BigPond Username in the email or letter you received from us is affected at this time.

If you have a service which we haven’t contacted you about, it will continue to operate as before until we tell you otherwise.


I already have Telstra Broadband Protect, how does this affect me?

This doesn’t affect your Telstra Broadband Protect service

If you haven’t already done so, you should remove the Telstra Online Security, Free Anti-Virus, BigPond Security or Telstra Safe Central software from your computer and replace it with the Anti-Virus Plus Security or Safe Browser Software (included with your Telstra Broadband Protect service) on your computers


I’m a business/enterprise customer, what options do I have?

We recommend you consider one of our cloud security applications for your business.


Is Safe Central in Telstra Broadband Protect?

Yes, Telstra Safe Central is known as “Safe Browser” in Telstra Broadband Protect


Who do I call to get help?

If you need further help, contact us and ask for “Security” if you call





by Aa01
on ‎29-11-2016 04:52 PM

So Telstra is not supporting the security component of the contract, therefore you Telstra have broken the contract as agreed.  We can now seek any Telco without any penaly!

by RB7
on ‎30-11-2016 10:05 PM


by TW5
on ‎01-12-2016 01:57 PM

I renewed my contact  last month for 2 years and NOW am being informed that the anti viral software is being discontinued.????? 

This decision prior to the announcement would have involved a lengthy process, why as a customer for over 20 years was i not informed of the likelihood of this occurring. As a regional customer  (infact with any Telstra customer) there is no accountability/loyalty to maintain this important level of service, with no viable solutions. Telstra's actions are misleading at best.,and please do not insult my intelligence by referring  me to the T&C.

by Telstra Products & Services Team
on ‎02-12-2016 03:23 PM

Dear @TW5 If you've recently renewed your Broadband to a Telstra Bundle, you would have received Telstra Broadband Protect as part of your new Bundle at no additional cost. Telstra Broadband Protect includes Anti-Virus Plus Security which you can install onto up to 6 of your PC's, Macs or Android Devices. See our Online Help for more details https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/broadband/security/what-is-telstra-broadband-protect