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Telstra (Retired)

From 20 April 2015 the YouTube application on T-Box will no longer be available due to an upcoming Application Program Interface (API) change by Google. Regrettably this means you will no longer be able to access YouTube videos on T-Box.


When you try to play a video on the T-Box YouTube app from 20 April you'll see a video which will feature this text ‘YouTube is upgrading to a newer version of YouTube which is not currently supported by this device. To learn more, and see where to go to watch YouTube, visit'


Due to technical limitations with the T-Box the new version of YouTube app will not be made available. 



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Thats a particular shame.  It reduces the value proposition for having the T-Box and all the Telstra services it brings in (Presto, Foxtel on Demand, Bigpond Movies, etc).  An Apple TV and Google Chromecast look much more attractive as a result which means I'd lean to buying content from Apple and Google instead of Telstra.


Following the links on device support page, and Google's announcement of the new API, there isn't a clear understanding of what the technical limitations are.  Although Google mention that some features of the old API wont be present in the new one, such as video captions, those weren't functions that the T-Box used anyway.


There is a migraiton guide and whilst I appreciate the new API has changed a lot from the previous one, I'd really like to know what aspects of this are particularly difficult?  I can appreciate some aspects such as OAuth2.0 support for tablets and other devices and no service accounts make the workflow to login a little more cumbersome now that they'd require a user to visit a webpage on their computer or phone first to login but not insurmountable. 


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This is extremely annoying.  I wasted a great deal of my time today trying to figure out what had happened to our youtube. At least 70% of what we use our t-box for is youtube. You can rest assured that when our contract expires we will not be renewing. Telstra has effectively destroyed what small competitive edge it had.

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 Just found out youtube is no longer available on the tbox. I'll be looking for a google product when the tbox contract is up.

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Apart from using T box as a recording tool, the only reason I have it is to watch product on Youtube. My money is going elswhere Telstra!

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Bigpond upgraded my data allowance from 200G to 500G for 'free'... then they remove one of the ways to use it all up. I thought it was too good to be true! Not impressed. My whole family enjoyed watching stuff on Youtube. Like many others, I will be changing to another ISP when my contract is up


Just  found out T-Box no longer supports Youtube...NOT HAPPY! One of the only reasons we use the T-Box is to watch

Youtube. Will be looking elsewhere and getting rid of the T-Box ASAP.


Have had Tbox for years, Recently went back on contract and upgraded Tboxes (the old models constantly failed) Telstra cannot fully explain to their customers? You wait, they will be flogging Presto in order to replace the value ad of Youtube,  but it will cost us.  No thanks Telstra, you cannot change the rules half way through the race. As far as Im concerned, you have not lived up to your end of the bargain.  The contract I entered into with you is void. I will be calling tomorrow to cancel my void contract and going elsewhere. Hopefully my new provider will not treat their loyal customers as mindless, ignorant consumers. The bright spark that came up with this bull**bleep** should be sacked. PS - To those wanting to watch youtube on TV just purchase a chrome cast dongle and watch anything you like via your computer.


Just tried to log in to youtube to do some yoga. I am left sore and very disapointed Telstra. How frustrating that you couldnt even be bothered to notify users. Not impressed at all.


Very disappointed with YouTube being turned off.  To me, this is a big turn off.  I may be turning off my subscription to Telstra over this.  I paid for my T-Box primarily due to it having YouTube.  I could have gone and bought another recorder at the time with more features.  But I decided to go with Telstra since it works well with the internet connection and had YouTube.  Now it does not!  Very, very disappointed with this.  Telstra, please ensure YouTube is back on.

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Well that is a simple argument No More Tbox for me 

I will definitely be going elsewhere 

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