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Telstra Smart Home Ideas

Welcome to the Ideas Hub – the place for you to pitch your ideas for new Smart Home devices.

We love hearing the great ideas you have about the future of Smart Home, and the new devices you’d like to see. Pitch your idea for a new Smart Home device or capability. Other community members can review, comment and vote on your idea. We’ll pick the best and brightest ideas and work with you to develop them further. Your idea will then have a shot at being included on our official product roadmap and become part of the Smart Home range.

Being an early adopter, every idea you pitch in this thread will automatically qualify as a top idea in the Ideas Hub. When we launch, your idea will be front and centre for new Smart Home community members to see!

So, pitch your ideas to us. We’re excited to see what you have in mind.

New Idea

Medi Alert Automation

Status: Looking Into It
by StaresMatt on ‎24-02-2017 10:54 AM


I was thinking the other week when assissting my Grandmother with her Medi Alert device,
Is there any way to get these added to the smart home list in the future.


The Idea that I had for an automation would involve

- Medi alert pressed (follows its own processes)
- Indoor Cameras Switch on and record
- Notification sent to Specific contact(s)

I believe this could allow for better response from first aiders as the contact could be watching the camera and updating the emergency services of the situation as needed.

Status: Looking Into It

Hi @StaresMatt, this is a great way how Smart Home can support our current needs.  Our population continues to age and a solution like this is one way how we can provide improvements to life. 


Great suggestion! 




Just about to make the plunge into Telstra Smart Home...and would like to see properly integrated powepoints and light switches, rather than add on devices and bulbs.


I would be great to be able to control existing (LED) lighting circuits with replacement Smart light switches


I would also like to see replacement powerpoints that have the controls integrated into them, without the need for the plug in Smart Power plugs

Status: Looking Into It

Hey Guys,

So I must admit the Telstra Smart Home Kit purchase was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I added a few extra sensors on and before you no it I'm pretty heavily invested in the system now.


Unfortunately I forgot about the biggest feature of “Smart Homes’ Coming over the next few years.

Apple HomeKit!


Now Im sure theres going to be some Android fan boys/girls on here that wont care about this. But for the rest of us HomeKit integration would be fantastic.


A simple “Hey Siri set Telstra home to away. Would be awesome.





Status: Looking Into It

Garden Irrigation system control

Status: New Idea
by Peter018 on ‎22-05-2017 01:50 PM

When you're away from home for days at a time, it would be good to control your home garden irrigation system from your mobile device.

This could be as simple as having a Smart Home interface device that has 4 to 8 outputs (with either simple relay contact closures or 24vAC output) that turns on and off your watering system solenoid valves much the same way as you toggle your smart power plugs on and off.

Your average water timer system just turns solenoid on and off at pre-determined intervals, but with Smart Home control, if you know it's raining at home, you can turn the water off or conversely if the day is hotter and dryer than expected, you can turn some water on remotely.



IFTTT Support

Status: New Idea
by HarrisonH on ‎23-01-2017 11:39 AM

Would be great to have IFTTT Suport as this would open a whole new world for 3rd party intergration. Ifttt works with Arlo, Philps Hue, Google Drive, Spotify, Wemo, Amazon Echo, Google Home and a whole lot of other things.

For Example, you set spotify to start playing music when you arive home. or ask Google Home or Alexa to Switch to (Home Mode, Away Mode, Holliday Mode) with maybe a pin you say out loud ?







Indoor and Outdoor Siren / Screamer

Status: New Idea
by Omen13 on ‎27-11-2016 11:42 AM

Incorporating an indoor and outdoor siren/screamer would help to round out the security aspects of the system.


An audible deterrent and one that could be activated remotely after receiving and checking the alert from your motion activated camera, could prevent a burglary and damage to property.


Already available for other systems on the market, this would be a welcome addition.

A Great use of Technology

Status: Completed
by JoshuaRidgway on ‎23-11-2016 11:14 AM

This would be great way resolve the age old Australian argument of who has taken the last Tim Tam from the packet! I would use the security camera so I can watch the live video feed which is activated by the door sensors on the fridge or cupboard (I don't judge if the Tim Tams are kept in the fridge) and then I would sneakily stream the footage to the TV to prove my innocence or let's be honest my guilt! Smiley Very Happy

Status: Completed


Status: New Idea
by DRAGNZ on ‎15-06-2017 09:03 PM
BEING ABLE TO USE APPLE WATCH APP TO ACTIVATE HOUSE HOLD SERVICES. And videos and picture can be viewed from your wrist not just directly from your phone.
Also being able to see the usage of all picture SMS videos and emails.
And also being able activate your away home holiday night by the touch of the app on your apple watch instead of getting your mobile phone out.

Smoke and Gas Detector

Status: Working On It
by Omen13 on ‎27-11-2016 11:26 AM

A smoke and gas detector would add a great safety aspect to the system.


Create automation's that turn on all the lights and unlock the doors when smoke or gas is detected during the night.


Receive an alert while at work, check the cameras and call the fire brigade before the fire is visible to your neighbours.

Status: Working On It

Operations based on GPS location & weather

Status: New Idea
by Leigh-S on ‎17-11-2016 01:26 AM

Since my phone (or any householders phone) knows my location, on approaching home the garage door is opened if it is not already open and unlocks the door if not unlocked.  The reverse would occur on leaving.  It would take into account other phones / motion sensors to know if someone is home so the first person leaving would not lock the house / garage but the departure of person 2 or 3 would.


Integrate the whole system with a weather station. Rain causes garage door / windows to close.  External temperature / UV index / sunlight would allow devices to only turn on when your solar panels are generating enough power.  Integrate Solar panel monitoring system with home automation.


Loving the smart home, have an idea...

by fractal on ‎02-11-2016 05:35 PM

I have the monitor kit and think its absolutely awesome.

How good would it be if we could get a smart "button" that set the app to away or holiday mode that we could stick near the door like an arming button for an alarm? I admit i've forgotton to set to away a couple of times, and this might be really cool. What Do you guys think?

Would it be more possible with the automation section of the app, if you had the opportunity to list the automations on tabs, with the following headings,


All            Away       Holiday       Home


With the current listing, if you have quite a few automations it can be difficult to see which ones you have created for different situations. This would simplify things.








Status: Looking Into It

HI]i @brettski68,


Great idea!  I'll pass it over to our App developer and see if we can get this added to our next release. 




3 Ideas

Status: New Idea
by Sco0007 on ‎24-01-2017 03:57 PM

After using my smart home for a while I thought I would share a few ideas I have and see what you think. I hope these can make it to the product one day.


1. The ability to add different users to the app/account.
It might seem strange at first but after using the system for a while I feel like I'm the only person in my house using it to its fullest. If I had the ability to add different users to my smart home account then I would feel more comfortable getting my family using the app. The reason been, for example, I want my younger brother to be able to turn on and off certain appliances and lights, like the ones in his room, but not all of them, such as the TV in my parents room.
Having the ability to add a user to the app and been able to control what they have access to would be amazing.

2. Option to purchase additional storage!
I understand standard if we don't want to have users using up heaps of storage or sending hundreds and hundreds of messages per day but I don't think it should be a hard limit. Not every day but on a few occasions I've found my video or photo limit reached by midday leaving my unsure of what is happening in the afternoon. I also understand that it won't be for everyone but I know for myself and maybe even some of the other users out there I would be fine in paying like $5-$10 p/m more for "unlimited" storage/notifications.

3. Location based automations.
Again something that might not be for everyone but others (including myself) might really appreciate. At the moment I have an automation set up so that at 6:30 each weekday morning my system mode changes to away as I would have left for work by then, however I often find myself changing the mode manually when I have a day off or on the weekend when I don't leave home at the same time, also when returning to home as this can change daily. If the app had the ability to pick up my device location and trigger an event based on my location that would make things flow a lot nicer e.g. When I leave "home" set mode to away. And the same when returning to home.

Integration with 3rd Party Products

Status: Looking Into It
by mcic18 on ‎30-12-2016 07:13 AM


The products look good and I see a lot of value in them however, i have already invested in SwannOne.


What would be good is allowing your products to integrate with 3rd parties and also have their products integrate with yours. You offer more options than Swann do and some I am interested in getting. i will need to seek the 3rd party products from companies listed by Swann rather than keep my investment with Telstra.


Status: Looking Into It

A few personal ideas!

Status: New Idea
by AdamDagis on ‎28-11-2016 02:40 PM

 A few ideas which would definitely help me at home!


  1. We have 2 cats, (1 fat, 1 skinny). It would be great if we could set our cats to be fed (from outside of home, like when we're away) to be fed at particular times through remote control. Also, combining something with their collars so that the food bowl can only be accessed by the correct cat. To stop from stealing! Smiley Tongue
  2. Something to attach to our letterbox which would let me know if we have any mail. Our driveway is quite long and although I enjoy a nice walk, it would be great to know it's not a wasted walk and to find there is nothing in there! It can notify my mobile phone or I can access the information via an app Smiley Very Happy
  3. Some sort of weight calculator which can be placed under certain items in the kitchen, so if they're below a certain weight, it can already alert your phone or app to know that you need more. For example, wife at home uses last of the coffee, it tells my phone to grab some on the way home from work (just in case the wifey forgets to mention! Smiley Tongue)
  4. Something I can put in the bath which will allow the taps to turn off once its full. We have a big bath and it takes forever to fill. Something which can adjust the temperature and measure the level of water so it shuts off, but also allows it to be the right temperature. So you can get notified when full, plus its perfect to get in!
  5. A notification sent to my phone that would tell me the kids have been playing the gaming consoles for too long! The kids would hate this. If I'm at work and they're on school holidays, they shouldn't be wasting the lovely summer weather by playing too much Grand Theft Autho Smiley Very Happy

Some of these ideas would save me heaps of time, or frustration and/or ease my mind on some things Smiley Happy

Tasmania Smart Home Comp:

Status: New Idea
by JesseQuinn on ‎22-11-2016 10:02 AM

i really like the idea of having a smart home setup provided by Telstra. i would find value in both the Automation and Energy Starter Kit and the Watch and monitor Starter Kit


Automation and Energy Starter Kit:

The idea of having visibility on if a door/window is open or closed would provide a great peice of mind, having two young children i could easily view if they have opened a window before leaving for a school run in the morning saving much needed time getting two children ready.

By using the Smart Plugs we could have our hallway lamp setup so as we are arriving home we can turn this on to provide light when entering our home as currently at our rental property the light switch is on the other end of the hallway.



 Watch and Monitor Starter Kit:

along with the previous start kit i would use the Door/Window sensors in the same fashion. i would purchase 5 more indoor Wi-fi HD Cameras to monitor my home whilst we are away on our frequent over night trips to bruny Island to ensure our home is safe.


something i would love to see built into the whole Smart Home setup roadmap would be a B2B monitoring aspect to the camera's/Motion Sensers under a payed subscription choice along with this an outdoor camera to monitor the front and back yard.

Security system

Status: New Idea
by Level 21: Augmented on ‎19-11-2016 12:40 PM

I find it quite hard to believe that smart home is a subscription service but with no form of alarm or back to base monitoring.


For it to be a good platform you need to provide some sort of alarm, maybe including a speaker in the cameras and alert you for motion when you are away so you can scare robbers or something

Mode automation

Status: New Idea
by DCuddon on ‎15-11-2016 10:14 AM


I really love the kit and the options it allows.

As per another suggestion, it would be so much easier to use the system if we could further automate Mode changes.

The ultimate for automating between Home and Away would be GeoCaching.  My household has 3 phones, and if all of them were away based on GPS location, it could automate the Away mode.  I understand that may not be the easiest though.

Other alternatives could be to use Wi-Fi connectivity of the phone, or Bluetooth proximity.

Is that a viable alternative?


Smart home idea

Status: New Idea
by Elduchie 4 weeks ago
Location services used for automation. For example, when phones are detected leaving the premises, turn of lights, turn on motion sensor alerts, ect. Maybe other things. Just a thought 💭