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Take a sneak peek at the latest exciting ideas we're working on.

We can't gurantee that all the devices and ideas shown here will end up in our Smart Home range, but it gives you a feel for the kind of things we're looking to develop. As new ideas come along we'll update what's shown here.

  • Devices
  • Features and functionality
  • AC controller

    Control your compatible Split System heating and/or cooling unit with our Split System controller.

    Manage the heating or cooling in your home, from wherever your day takes you – even if it's just the couch.

  • Garage door controller

    With our Garage door controller connected to your garage door you'll be able to use the Smart Home App to check if the doors are closed, and if they're not, close them from wherever you are.

    Connect it with your other Smart home devices and you could have a light turn on when the garage opens, or automatically lock the front door when the garage door is closed in the morning.

  • Music integration

    Let your Smart Home help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

    Have your favourite tunes play when you walk in the door, or play music for an hour when you switch your system to Night mode before going to bed.

    Or let your Smart Home tell you when someone opens the front door, the garage or even the pool gate.

  • Video doorbell

    Get an alert on your mobile when someone rings the doorbell, then open our Smart Home App to see who’s there.

    Combine a video doorbell with our smart lock and you could even let a trusted person in when you’re out and about! 

  • Additional storage

    Want to increase your storage limits for video and images?

    Additional storage options will give you the ability to increase your storage till your hearts content.

  • Camera with two way audio

    Want to tell the delivery driver to leave your parcel in a particular spot?

    With two-way audio you can have that conversation.

  • Voice commands

    Want to be able too use your voice to make things happen around your home?

    Ask your Smart Home to change the temperature of your ZEN thermostat, or double check that you have locked the front door, or turn lights on and off while you're walking around your home.

  • Weather services

    Turn your heating on when the temperature is 15 degrees outside.

    Get alerts when it starts to rain so you can bring the washing in or even make sure you've closed the windows so the rain doesn’t get in. 

Smart Home Community

Level 1: Cadet

Hi Everyone, 

I unpaired my google home account a few moments ago, got the text assuming that everything was working and tried to repair;

I was doing this based on an issue I was facing where if I asked the google home mini to make a call it would retu ...

Level 1: Cadet

Hi,  I’ve followed the steps when trying to set up my Telstra mobile to work with google home. The in step 4. Tap Mobile calling and then tap on the Telstra service listed under More services but nothing happens? It’s as though the option to link is ...

Level 1: Cadet

I have fully setup voice activated calling with Telstra on my Google Home, linked my Telstra mobile, and uploaded my contacts from my phone. When asking google to phone a number there is a delay and then the response "Something went wrong, try again ...

Level 1: Cadet

I have been listening to abc radio  national and classic   for over one year via  home phone line and  telstra modum wi fi to yamaha receiver no tbox   and now if i try to retune via radio a message about contacting y-radio comeeson screen I then man ...

Level 1: Cadet

 So Telstra has partnered with Google to provide voice calling via Google Home. Is this alaso availble on Google Home Mini?I am tryin to setup on iphone 10, and google home mini. When I go to my G Home App, I can See Telstra heading and an icon to li ...

Level 1: Cadet

Usually i have 70ms connection to Sydney.Lately for the past 5 days it's stuck at 110 ms.I have had this problem in the past, which has resolved itself. Was fine for about 4months and now started again.Is my area overcrowded? What is causing this hig ...

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