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Nokia Lumina 532 locked phone


My local supermarket has a Nokia Lumina 532 on sale. It is locked to Telstra. I am already with Telstra pre-paid and would like to stay with Telstra and keep my existing phone number. Am I able to do this if I buy the new locked phone? If so, what do I need to do?



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Re: Nokia Lumina 532 locked phone

Hello Ctel


The retail stores generally are not monitoring these messages. South Yarra's  Phone number is 9829 2222


I am not a Telstra employee, but unless the situation has changed very, very  recently, any existing Telstra sim can be used in a locked Telstra phone.  I have done it myself twice,  but with Sony Ericsson phones.


To be 10000% sure you can speak with Telstra 132200 and say "Unlocking" and you will be directed to that department.

Hope this helps



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Re: Nokia Lumina 532 locked phone

Hi Ctel,

There is no problem doing that.

Just put your sim card in and it will work, if it is a different size you will have to go into a Telstra store to get the correct size sim.

If you would like the phone sim unlocked you can call the unlocking team on 1300 720 179

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