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Telstra TV Breaking Anti Competition Laws

Surely this falls under Anti competition laws

The app is available on Roku Devices.

Telstra just wont release the app on the Telstra TV which is a roku device


This means they are restricting compeition to protect their own interests


Where ther hell is the app!?

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Re: Telstra TV Breaking Anti Competition Laws

Hi @IAmNeil, what application for Telstra TV are you referencing? Telstra do reserve the right to offer or not to offer certain applications on their device.

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Re: Telstra TV Breaking Anti Competition Laws

Disney+ and/or Apple TV+....  They still need to modify the app in order to release it onto their eco-system.  Plus, you're assuming it is anti-competitive - I'm not so sure it is.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra TV Breaking Anti Competition Laws

Hey @IAmNeil, thanks for reaching out. We’d love to welcome Disney+ on TTV, but it has not yet been made available to our platform by Disney. We do know the Disney+ app is compatible with Roku devices like the Telstra TV, so we’re working on it and hopefully we are able to update you soon. 

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Re: Telstra TV Breaking Anti Competition Laws

Well done IamNeil careful talk like this may get you banned or cut off. I initially thought it was just protecting their current contracts but you have pointed out something. I also thought it was an admission of inferiority to Disney plus.

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Re: Telstra TV Breaking Anti Competition Laws

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