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Telstra-TV - a nice little feature - Casting and Mirroring

It's a "Beta" feature, but it works so far.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and I loaded ALLConnect from the Playstore.


On the Telstra TV, go to Settings->System-> Advanced system settings->Device connect, and make sure "Enable Device connect" is ticked


You may not need the next step, but just in case:   Settings->System-> Screen mirroring (beta) and make sure  it is also enabled.


Now, on the tablet you will see this:






Make sure you connect to the device by tapping the "Stream" icon (middle top of the app)





Most of the time each app will have that "Cast" icon actually in it. Kind of like YouTube chromecast.  I've been able to get Youtube to cast that way (a bit silly since the Telstra TV already has Youtube, but it's a good test that it all is working)


The app suggests Facebook can be cast, but I haven't been able to get it to work.  I have gotten a slideshow from my tablet to work, but no music.


More as I mess around and try a few other things.


Anyone want to join in and try out things?



NOTE:  I don't see this as something we can expect Telstra to do tech support on, so let's se jhow far we can push it ok?







If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
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Re: Telstra-TV - a nice little feature - Casting and Mirroring

I will try it I bougth a chrome cast and it wouldn't even work so
I would like to try this

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