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"Advanced remote control on new Telstra TV"?

Hey all, been a while.


The latest update to the firmware on the TTV2 mentions an advanced remote control. I assume this is voice controlled, because there's an entry lower in the settings regarding this.


Any discussion?

I like the fact that Plex has FINALLY been included, so we can get rid of the side loaded version we have been using for about 3 years Smiley Tongue


Since I've been concentrating on home automation with Google controls (I now have 3 Google Minis and several smart lights and plugs, I wonder if it will be capable of integrating with that.



BTW, (OFF TOPIC)I bet there are a few people in Telstra, who were involved in the THUB 2 who recognise that the THUB2 was doing some of the things the new Google Hub will be doing, and earlier. If they'd have kept up development, it would have been a winner.


If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
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