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Call usage not showing in my account or in 24/7 app

I recently changed from an unlimited plan that had expired to a $55 plan, but call usage isn't showing up in my account on the app or the website. Data usage is showing. I changed plans two weeks ago, plan details and data usage have both updated but there is no call usage showing. Given that I have changed from unlimited calls to a plan it is necessary that I can track my usage. Thanks

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Call usage not showing in my account or in 24/7 app

Hi Yulara, 


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All calls should certainly show on your My Account, with a running total of call cost on your Telstra 24x7 app. 

Our My Account team can help look into this for you, and can be contacted any time on 1800266000 or Live Chat here:

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Re: Call usage not showing in my account or in 24/7 app

Hey Yulara,
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the application.
I've had this problem in the past when I was changing plans, turned out a simple install and reinstall was the way to go.

As for the my account on the website, not sure why that wouldn't be showing.

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