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Change of Ownership



Background history, a friend let me be part of her account as I was a newly arrived immigrant when I acquired my first plan with Telstra. Two weeks ago, I applied for a Change of Ownership (Mobile and Home Broadband) so I can have my own account, it was done in-store, and everything pushed through, my old account number was changed to new one.


The problem happens when I access Telstra 24x7 using my username (email address) to check on my usage. I will be led to my friend's list of numerous account including my old one (which shows nothing). I expect to be led to my NEW Account with the details of my plan - mobile and home broadband usage and mail box, etc. As I am the impression that change of ownership will just transfer all my plan details to new account and remove everything on the old one. 

I'm not sure what the problem is, but I suspect it has something to do with my email address which are both used in my old and new account. I tried to register again in 24x7 using my new account number BUT since I'm using the SAME email address (as it said it needs to be the one connected to the account) it won't let me.

Is there anyone out here who experience similar problem? Do I need to go back to Telstra store or is there something I can just do on my own to resolve this?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Change of Ownership

Ask the account holder of the old account to remove you as a Full Authority from their account, the issue you're having probably stems from the fact you are still authorised on that account. 

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Support Team

Re: Change of Ownership

Hi @aleth04, just checking in to see if this has been resolved? 

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