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Disadvantages of Cell Phone Policy Change

Dear Sir and Madam


I bought a Samsung Galaxy S9 with my wife on last year(2018) Boxing Day through a 24 month installment agreement.


At the time, through the staff who opened the smart phone, we were told that if we used the machine well for a year, we can replace it with a new smart phone on next(2019) Boxing Day.


But this Boxing Day, when I visited the same store, they refused to change to a new phone because the policy changed midway.

I insisted that at the time of my contract I was unjust because I chose Telstra and this phone because I could keep it on the same plan and change to a new phone after one year.


They said they couldn't do anything and complained to Telstra headquarters.

So I send you this message.


I don't know how many customers were hit by Boxing Day in 2018 and suffered from these details, but I can't just pass it.


You must solve this problem clearly to me.

You must solve it correctly and cleanly so that I can admit it, and if I feel unfair, I will surely be compensated by my lawyer.


I hope to reply to this message through my email as soon as possible. From now on, all conversations and contents will be saved and forwarded to lawyers.





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Re: Disadvantages of Cell Phone Policy Change

Crowd Support is not a customer service channel for Telstra. We are customers just like you. 

You'll need to make contact with Customer Service or lodge a complaint.

Below is a link you can get more information from.

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