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Order in provisioning status for 15 days

I am extremely angry with Telstra at the incompetence of cancelling an order which I never placed and which Telstra have no record that I rang to place the order in the first place. Apparently, an order was placed on 31st July 2017 for a call forwarding on my home phone landline.  I am the only person that manages the account and I never placed this order. I only discovered about this order following 2 attempts of placing an order for change of home internet bundle. The reason that my home broadband plan order cannot be processed is that apparently this order for call forwarding has been in provisioning status since 31 July. This order number is 1-1228668744689. It has taken 15 days after numerous calls to find out what this order is. It has taken 5 phone calls to finally obtain what this order number is. I originally rang on 1 August to investigate to change my home internet bundle. I was assured it will be processed within 48 hours. Then I rang again on 3 August, and they had no record of the order I placed despite I received a Telstra email confirming the change in internet bundle. However I was advised that a cancellation has been placed for the call-forwarding and escalated. I was assured it will be cancelled within 48 hours. I then rang again on 8 August. The same response was provided that cancellation of order will occur within 48 hours. Then I rang again on 11 August. Guess what the same response was provided that cancellation of order will occur wiithin 48 hours. Then I rang again on 15 August. Guess what again, the same response was provided that cancellation of order will occur within 48 hours. I am downright angrty that Telstra is incompetent that no one knows how to cancel an order that has been placed by a telstra staff person which Telstra cannot identify in their records who initiated the order in the first place and there is no interaction reference number relating to that order. This is absolutely ridiculous that I completely lost it today with Telstra. How hard is it change my home broadban plan when I got this other order in provisioning status to be cancelled. I am checking out Optus because that's my only other option when it comes to cable broadband. Telstra can't change my plan, so it is this kind of downright incompetence that forces you to look elsewhere.

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