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Not so much a question.  Just whinging to the bottomless pit that is Telstra.


I organised a cable connection a few months back.  All went well.  Today I felt like checking the email for the account and it occurred to me then that no one told me what a) the mailbox address was and b) the password for it.


Are we surprised?


So I discovered my email address in MyAccount along with the one for my 4G service.  Great! I think.  I'll just go reset the password and go from there.


From the login to Telstra page I select the reset option.  Then I get this mess ...





Isn't this pretty.  Latest Firefox in case you're wondering.  I ask myself surely they can't be stuck in the 90s as I remember it.  So upon examining the web console I find this.




Ahh I get it.  I have tracking protection bolted down and selecting the password reset is going from to (no .au) and everything gets blocked.


"Firefox will block content loaded from domains that track users across sites."


Telstra must really struggle to get intelligent employees.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Tracking

Hi veeblefetzer, I can appreciate how frustrating this is becoming. Can I ask if you can try clearing your cache and cookies and perhaps look at a different browser to access the password reset tool. You can also look at getting your username/password by clicking on

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