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Help and Advice on Getting Telstra to renew my domain name

Hi - I have a domain hosted by Telstra. I received an email telling me to reply if I wanted to renew - which I did (twice). Despite this the domain name expired on the weekend and now we have lost all access to the domain. I have spent over 4 hours on the phone with Telstra to finally be told to email as apparently this is basic domain hosting service?. I have emailed twice now with no response at all - I still have no access to email or the domain - I contacted netregistry who are the registrar and they told me I could shift it from Telstra but that means another 3-5 days offline. How do I get a response from Telstra on this issue - I tried to email Andy Penn directly to get him to ask the support team to respond and renew as they were requested - but I'm confident that email won't help me.
Does anyone have any advice on the best way to get my domain name renewed? I can't just wait days for Telstra to finally read and respond to the email.
thanks for any help


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Re: Help and Advice on Getting Telstra to renew my domain name

Try logging in to your account on he Telstra website. There should be an option for you to renew electronically.

If you can't find it, try going through
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Re: Help and Advice on Getting Telstra to renew my domain name

The number for Apps Marketplace as well is 1800 878 483 If you want to call someone about it
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