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Telstra Broadband Protect blocking my website

I have a website and we can't access our own site because it has Telstra Broadband Protect and when we visit it we get the message:

Network Protection Malicious Content

We've blocked a website that may contain malicious content. The site you've been blocked from visiting may contain viruses, Trojans or spyware that can be harmful to you devices.

I've checked the domain blacklists and my site it not blacklisted. We have also recently changed to a new server and completely cleared and updated our site overall.

Can my site be removed from your blacklist please.

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Re: Telstra Broadband Protect blocking my website

On the page that informs that your site is blocked there is link for reporting site is clean and requesting the site be removed from list of blocked sites.



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Re: Telstra Broadband Protect blocking my website

Thanks cf4, appreciate the help. We have actually done that a number of times weeks ago, even reached out to others to click it also. I stumbled across this forum in the hope it gets fired back up soon.

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Re: Telstra Broadband Protect blocking my website

You will probably need to get Sophos to whitelist you first... It reports your site as Malicious and I think Telstra is using Sophos as one of their sources...

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