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Account Theft

I am trying to seek assistance for a relative who is very stressed at the moment. Someone stole his license from his mailbox and used it a few times to buy phones at Telstra. Vicroads won't issue a new drivers license with new numbers without a letter of support from Telstra. All events have been recorded with Telstra. They have rang Telstra call centre numerous times but has been told also numerous times Telstra does not provide letter of support.  So in the event such as this -  what can Telstra provide to him that they can give to Vicroads?  


Vicroads want 3 letters - one from the police (provided), one from Telstra (not happening so far) and the bank (underway).

Is Telstra such a big corporation that the individual consumer pleading for such a simple letter of support required by a government body cannot be provided?? 




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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Account Theft

Try calling 1800 039 059 , this is the area dealing with Privacy and Account Information issues. They may be able to assist.

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