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Sagemcom F@ST 5355 modem problems


Something in my Sagemcom F@ast F5355 Telstra modem is stopping me from viewing IP cams online (NOT my own).

I do also have cameras and they work perfectly, but the ones I cannot access are not on my network they are my work and a friends.

I have tried to access them (work and my friends cameras) from my desktop PC at home, I could not with my new modem Sagemcom F@ast 5355, BUT I could before with my old Thompson TG782T modem.

I also tried to view them using my laptop at home hooked up to my new modem (Sagemcom F@ast 5355), but that also did not work.

However, if I use my laptop and use it with my Mobile WiFi stick I can view them, so thus it must be some setting in my new modem stopping me.

ANY ideas what settings in the Sagemcom F@ast F5355 Telstra modem may be causing this



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Re: Sagemcom F@ST 5355 modem problems

You may have to setup Port Forwarding on your modem. My Telstra modem is a slighty different model to yours and I can do it under Advanced/WAN Services. I have seen it done on your model modem but do not remember the exact process.

You will need to find out what ports the cameras send on.

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