What is CrowdSupport?

CrowdSupport, Telstra's very own customer forum, is a place for Telstra customers and others to ask customer service questions about Telstra products, services or related topics. These questions can then be answered by both Telstra employees and/or other community members.

Our overall goal is to make finding solutions to commonly asked questions easier.

You can read a bit about our Community Management Team below and also catch some of the team broadcasting live from Periscope or via Facebook Live.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate?

To fully participate in the community the first thing you need to do is register, which allows you to; start topics, like posts and reply to others. Some areas that you may want to get involved in are:

  • - Forum: to ask and answer questions
  • - Ideas: to suggest improvements to our Mobile Apps and website
  • - Latest: to read about the latest news and tips from our Community Managers
  • - Wiki: to get answers to commonly asked questions
  • - Sports: for questions relating to our AFL, NRL and Netball Live Passes
Moderation and Guidelines

Our community guidelines aim to ensure the Telstra CrowdSupport content is inclusive and inviting. To that end, moderators will ensure that user comments are relevant and appropriate, and may take any steps they deem appropriate to ensure content meets the site's comment moderation policy.

To ensure the dialogue on Telstra CrowdSupport remains relevant and engaging for all users, you're also expected to observe 10 simple principles outlined in the comment moderation policy under ‘Community standards‘.

Our moderators apply these principles when reviewing your comments.

Telstra CrowdSupport Terms of Use

Your use of the Telstra CrowdSupport website is governed by the CrowdSupport Terms of Use and Telstra.com Terms of Use.

Sharing information is the essence of social media. However, many elements of the site such as text, pictures and logos are subject to copyright. To avoid infringing copyright, we ask that you link to material on the site rather than reproducing it. Quoting from a post in the context of a discussion is generally acceptable, but please do not copy and paste large sections of text on to third party websites.

Meet The Team

Jesse Crowdsupport Handle: JesseS
Footy Support

Responsible for providing customer support for the Sports Pass Offce, AFL Live, NRL Live and Netball Live official Apps over CrowdSupport.

About Me:

Outside of the big T I enjoy food, video games and TV/Movies. I spend my free time searching for new restaurants with my partner, at my PC or in front of the TV. I love RPG's, anything Sci-Fi or tech related and old school console games (Nintendo mainly).

Tommy Crowdsupport Handle: TommyR
Community Manager

Responsible for the smooth running of CrowdSupport and you might also see me hosting on Facebook Live or Telstra Periscope.

About Me:

I love my sport, especially cricket, footy and MMA. Like a good craft beer. Bit of a coffee snob. Love listening to podcasts and playing music. T.V. addict. Starting to build a collection one off or limited edition T-shirts. Want to travel more - really want to climb Maccu Picchu as well as go to Canada or Iceland and camp under the aurora borealis

Dan K
Dan K Crowdsupport Handle: DanK
Platform Manager

Responsible for the smooth running of CrowdSupport, our moderation team and implementing new community features.

About Me:

As of 2016 I am a dad so I spend much of my spare time trying not to be spit up on, what time I have left from all that is spent reading fantasy/sci-fi novels and gaming, video and tabletop.

Yannick Crowdsupport Handle: Yannick
Community and Content Lead

Responsible for managing our customer support community team across CrowdSupport, Facebook, Periscope and Twitter.

About Me:

Outside of Telstra I am a proud dad who loves spending all his time with his newborn son. I love all things tech and watching old sci-fi or historical documentaries/movies.

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