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Telstra App for Windows 10 Mobile & laptop


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Re: Telstra App for Windows 10 Mobile & laptop

With Microsoft abandoning the mobile market, I would not expect any joy... And there is no need for App on the laptop... Just use Edge or any of your preferred browsers...
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Re: Telstra App for Windows 10 Mobile & laptop

As a windows exclusive user with W10 on my phone, tablet and laptop, I find the browser form of access, when it works, quite painful. Each step requires manual intervention, first connecting to the WIFI, then if the "msftconnecttest.com" starts without manually picking it from my favourites, (have saved all the intermediate steps as favourites to save restarting completely) then waiting for the Telstra signin screen, then username and password, then the wait whilst it verifies, often not even getting started without refresh, then several screens later the success screen starts running independently of any ongoing connection. All in all quite handraulic and way from seamless and all this for 2Mps at best, but often something less especially in that magic 2:30-4pm time slot. My postpaid mobile hotspot has the same throughput problem at that time too so I just dream of 10Mps+ that others complain about.

Most applications and browsers are quite dumb when it comes to the net disappearing, just hanging until the net returns, so with the high dropout rate I often wait 5 minutes for a response with the success screen still running, timing my connection, only to check the WIFI is showing "no internet". A disconnect/connect (with all the manual inputs) often reconnects.
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