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How to use Data Bank on Telstra Pre-Paid

Please note: Data Bank is not available to new customers.




Which plans are eligible for Data Bank? If you’re on Telstra Pre-Paid Max™ or Telstra Pre-Paid Extra®, you can access Data Bank.


Data Bank allows you to save unused data from your current recharge to use on a future one. Here’s how it works on each plan:

  • Telstra Pre-Paid Max
    • Save up to 200GB of data when you recharge $10+ before expiry.
  • Telstra Pre-Paid Extra
    • Save up to 100GB of data when you recharge $30+ before expiry.
    • Please note, Pre-Paid Extra is a discontinued plan and no longer available for new customers or to switch to.


What kind of data can I save? 

The data you can store in your Data Bank includes:

  • Unused data from your recharge inclusions
  • Plus Pack data that you purchased with your recharge credit


How long can I keep the data for?

As long as you’re on Telstra Pre-Paid Max or Telstra Pre-Paid Extra, your data will stay in your Data Bank for as long as you like, to use when you choose.

To access your Data Bank, all you need is an active recharge. Once your included data has run out, you will automatically begin using your Data Bank.


Where can I check my Data Bank balance?

The easiest way to keep track of your balance, inclusions and Data Bank is: 


Check out the recharge amounts and full plan details available on Telstra Pre-Paid Max and Telstra Pre-Paid Extra.


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