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Premium SMS and Telstra Carrier Billing

Premium SMS and Telstra Carrier Billing

We’re making some changes

From 12 December 2018, we’ll no longer support payment for some 3rd party PSMS ringtones, games, music videos, PSMS enabled services and some competitions. All Premium SMS subscriptions will also expire. Please see for more details.


From 3 March 2018, Telstra will no longer offer some Premium Direct Billing services (also known as Telstra Carrier Billing or Direct Carrier Billing). Please see for more details. If you have any concerns about any PDB charges on your account, please call us on 13 22 00.


Does the change affect all third-party content?


These services will continue to appear on your post-paid Telstra bill:

  • AFL
  • Apple App Store
  • Apple Music
  • Telstra TV Box Office
  • Foxtel/Now/Go
  • Google Play (post-paid customers only)
  • Infocall services
  • Telstra Mobile Fun
  • Telstra reverse call
  • 1800 Reverse
  • Netball
  • Netflix
  • NRL
  • Sensis
  • Caller Tones
  • Windows Store
  • Premium SMS Content 
  • Other Telstra content
  • One-time Premium SMS charges, like voting.

Please note from 3 December 2017 you will not be able to donate to charities using your Pre-Paid account.



What is Premium SMS?

Premium SMS is a payment option that lets you receive content and services offered by companies other than Telstra, on your mobile phone or tablet. You agree to pay for it by sending to a number starting with ‘19’.

Premium SMS entertainment services include:

  • casting a vote on TV shows
  • entering TV competitions
  • charity donations (not available for Pre-Paid customers)

All of them involve a charge, so it's important you understand what you're signing up for.

Even though the charges appear on your Telstra mobile bill, we do not control the cost of the service because they’re from a third party provider.


What is Premium Direct Billing?

Premium Direct Billing (also known as Telstra Carrier Billing or Direct Carrier Billing) is a payment option that lets you subscribe to, or make one-off purchases of third party (non-Telstra) content like apps, music, eBooks and movies or TV shows from other providers on your mobile phone or tablet. The charges are added to your Post-Paid Telstra bill or debited from your Pre-Paid credit balance. 

Who is actually providing me with the content?

Even though the charges appear on your Post-Paid Telstra bill or are debited from your Pre-Paid credit balance, the content is being provided by a third party as a non-Telstra service. That’s why on Post-Paid bills it will be listed underneath a title that says “Third Party Purchases”.

Will it affect my Post-Paid bill?

In some cases you might have to pay the content provider directly. At other times their charges might end up on your Post-Paid bill with us.

If you see additional charges on your Post-Paid bill (under Third Party/Separate Purchases), or money debited from your Pre-Paid account, it means we pay the content provider on your behalf then recover the cost on your mobile bill.

Why can’t I receive the content I signed up for?

Premium SMS charges aren't included in the 'Free Text' programs on a Pre-Paid service, so if you don't have enough credit, you won't get the content.


For Post-Paid, Premium SMS is not included in discounts or within your data allowance. 


Why are these content charges on my bill?

  • If you have Premium SMS or third party content charges on your Telstra Bill, then you have purchased content such as entering TV competitions from your phone.
  • With services like Google Play™ App Store, you can choose to pay for the content on your Telstra bill. So the charges will appear on your bill at the end of the month.  
  • If you have young children using your device, you should monitor what they click on when browsing as they may inadvertently or unknowingly make a purchase.

How do I block or bar premium content?

  • You can bar all Premium SMS or on your mobile free of charge.
  • Once activated you can't receive or be charged.
  • If you have a Post-Paid service, you can bar Premium SMS via the Premium SMS Barring Request form.
  • Please allow up to one business day for barring to be activated.

Can I limit Premium SMS?

You can cap the amount you spend on Premium SMS. The standard spend limit for Premium SMS is $100 per month for Post-Paid customers and $500 for Pre-Paid customers, but you may also qualify to have other limits applied.

To request a change to your spend limit or make an enquiry about third party charges, contact Telstra Post-Paid on 13 22 00 and say "Third Party Purchases" or for Telstra Pre-Paid call 125 8880, press 5, then 1.


Want to know more about a Premium SMS service provider? is a free online tool that lets you find out about a content provider and describes the services they offer, simply by typing in the provider’s 19 number.


Who do I contact about third party purchases?

If you've bought something from a third party service provider using your Telstra mobile bill, it'll show up under ‘Third Party Purchases’.

If you have any concerns about any PDB charges on your account, please call us on 13 22 00.

See below the full list of third party PDB services that we’ll no longer support. See PSMS services here


Service Provider on Telstra Bill

Description on Bill

Buongiorno Australia

Cellybean, Chefbook, Coolclub, Gamifive, Gamifive Mobivill, iFortune, iGirls, muchgossip, MuchGossip, Ozchat, Playme Sense, Playplanet, Waala Mobile


24Hs Videos, Appsdorado, ClicNScores, ClubMe!, FunClix, Gameloft, GameloftGam, Jamster, Jamster Full, Jamster Game, Jamster Lov, Jamster Musi, Jamster Onli, Jamster Sex, Jamster Styl, KKO Store, Mega-Sexy, Miss Bikini, PlayMob, Playweez, PrivateDancer, Thumbr, TotalEmbarr, Waala Mobile, Video World

Mobipay Pty Ltd

FiiTr, FiiTr 595, Freemium, GameHaus, GameHaus595, HeroWorld, HeroWorld595, InGame, InGameCricket, Joocey, mHub, mHub595, Mobiguard Pro, Monitoring, Mproov, NoLimitsGames, NoLimitsGames Monthly, ProSports, Wazzapp

m.Net Mobile Pty Ltd (Ansible)

Cash Cow,, Better Homes & Gardens, Block of Cash Giveaway, House Rules, Million Dollar Minute, Dancing with The Stars, MegaCashaRooProm, My Kitchen Rules Ringtones

MIA (Digital Turbine)

12Follow - $10, 12Follow - $5, 1000 games, 2funmobi, Academy, Access to AppTap, Appdump, AppInspector, Appiq, Apply, Applydownload1, Apply Downloads, Appsdorado, Appsdorado 10, Apptips, ApptipsSub, AppyClub - 8z, AussieBrainQuiz, Aussie Vids, AussievidsWK, AVP_Thumbr, AWorld, Bearcave, BigMobile, Bkingz, Bounce Games, Boxplay, Camelox, Champion Picks, Cleverdaze, Country Shots, Cool4Mob, DealShack, DealsNow, Droid6000, Early Specials, Ero247, et1,ET1_08, Extreme Zone,  FantasyCube, Fortumo, Friday Fiver, Funbabez, FUNCLIX, FunnyVid,, Game2Up, gameloft, gameloft6, Gameloftoneoff, GamerHaven, Games Box, Games Market, Gamerr Games, GamesStore, Gamesstore08, Games Unlimited, Gee-Max,,, GlobWaySv1, Handy Vault, Hip Fun 1, Hip Tap 1, Hornyhub, HotTube, HotXL, iFitness ($6.95), InstantDeals, Ize Play, Joocey, KKO Store, Lollies, Mad Fun, MegaCloudBox, Metro Mails, Mob24-7, MobidolWK, Mobi.Games, Mobile Academy, Mobile Games 1, Mobile Magic, MobiStore,, MobileXVideos, MOKO 3, MOKO 4, MOKO Sub 6, MP1, MP1_08,  MyPengo, Oxygen8 s69, Oxygen8 Vmvid, Oxygen8 x247, Oxygen8 Xpor, ozchat, Oznfun, PCMobiGameSecMb, Playboy, PlayVito, Pornster, QikFlirt, Quizikoo, RideMyWave, Sexxxymob, SightX, SmartMag, Smart Video, Smart Viral, Smart World, SmileGames, SmileVideo, Snack Games, Snow Bets, Subs QA, SuperSix, Sv1 Subscription,, TapGames, Tap Gamez, Themekoo, The Sexy Klub, There They Are, THUMBR_10, Tjoover, Toopklub, Top 10 Service, Topikoo, Trackwork Tips, TV Pass Unltd, Video.Inbox_08, VideoInbox, VideoInbox_08, VIPGames, Winneroos, Wurup, Woot, X247, Xcon, Xcite, Xcon_08,, XZone Bikini,Yass Unlimited, Yeet Unlimited, Yobee

Dialogue Communications

To find 19 service on bill go to

Salmat Digital

To find 19 service on bill go to


To find 19 service on bill go to


To find 19 service on bill go to


To find 19 service on bill go to

SMS Central Australia

To find 19 service on bill go to

Oxygen8 Communalisations

To find 19 service on bill go to

M.Net Corporation

To find 19 service on bill go to

Buongiorno Australia

To find 19 service on bill go to

iG8 (Inpho Interactive)

To find 19 service on bill go to

BOKU Services

To find 19 service on bill go to

Convey Pty Ltd

To find 19 service on bill go to


To find 19 service on bill go to


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