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What Reference Numbers can I obtain from Telstra?


When I contact Telstra, what information is the best to ask for as confirmation of my discussion?




Telstra Employees may provide their employee number when asked. However, employees are not allowed to provide this information for another consultant, they are only allowed to provide their own employee information.

For consumer customers, there will be an INT number, the INT standing for Interaction, which is a direct reference number for a note on your account. If you have this number it will link Telstra back to a direct note from a specific consultant to your account, and will also provide Telstra with an employee's details (as these are captured when the note is created). It is important to note that for Small Business Customers with a 10 digit account number, there will not be an INT Number.

Other Reference Numbers


There are several other reference numbers you may recieve from Telstra for various escalations or references. Most of the following will be followed by 1-############. Order numbers for services or a change to a service will also follow this template, however will not have any code preceeding it.


SR - This stands for Service Request and will generally be provided when a Complaint is escalated. This will be either provided to you over the phone or sent as an SMS to your Mobile Phone.


TT - This stands for Trouble Ticket and will be provided when you raise some Technical Faults, including Level 2, Level 3 escalations and Cable Field appointments. These are generally restricted to Techincal Support Consultants.


INC - This stands for Incident and will be provided when an issue is raised to Telstra engineers for investigation of a software or programming related fault. In limited cases, it can also refer to services outages. 


16# ### ###  - Refers to a fault raised for a PSTN or ADSL network investigation. At the time this was edited the number was up to 158. This can only be seen by Telstra Faults consultants, and cannot be seen by normal staff for various legal reasons.


TRN - Reference number use for Telstra Business (TB) or Government and Enterprise (GES) services. GES customers will need to provide this information to the relevant account team or manager. TB assigned teams will need to speak to their account team, and TB unassigned customers can contact 13 20 00 with this information.

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