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AFL Live pass charges

I have been charged $4.99 per week to my credit card since Sept 2018, but I have had a Telstra Mobile plan since before that date and AFL Live comes free with that plan. As far as I can tell I have not bought a Live Pass with Google Play so why is it being charged to my CC? I would like the amounts refunded please.

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Re: AFL Live pass charges

@Ravusomni Can you supply a bit more information on what you may need help with?


A Telstra AFL Live App Rep will be able to answer any questions you may have.


[EDIT} For some reason I didn't see your message thread until I posted the above, but a rep will be able to help you shortly. Bit of a glitch there, sorry :-(

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Re: AFL Live pass charges

Thanks Ozmoz I will wait for their response. I will hopefully have some more info from the Telstra Billing person I spoke to on the phone, who was unable to help as the charge was not part of my Telstra Bill but rather from my credit card. I was also being charged $20 Platinum charge which I was not aware of or its purpose which was duly removed today by the same person.

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Re: AFL Live pass charges

Hello @Ravusomni,


Sorry to see there have been some issues with charges for your AFL Live Pass.


Telstra customers are not required to enter into a subscription, selecting 'Telstra Customer'

in the set up process or More>My Account>Live Pass will auto-redeem a free Live Pass when

connected to Telstra's 4G network.


The subscription may have been activated through the AFL Website if you cannot locate it in

the Play Store, I will send a private message shortly to get your details to check.


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