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AFL live pass took card details..NO subscription!

I decided to take out an AFL live pass and try the free trial with $4.99 weekly pass.

went through the rigmorol of signing up with Card,put in card details,try to log in and ......nothing!


I get charged $1 "pending" in my bank account from "SDF Australia".After putting my debit card details (Master Card) it said on AFL Live pass (after i went through the steps)that it's "ACTIVE" in GREEN letters so i assume i have a legit subscription.TRY...and still i cant watch live,or even watch replays. 


Message Chat with Telstra about 5 times,phoned them a couple of times...NO help at all.On hold on and off for 40 mins one call. Was told in short "its an AFL problem and its their dept.".

After trying to log in and see replays all this week,it now says "buy subscription"..now im back at the start again!!


So i go to AFL website for HELP and get "handballed" to "Crowdsupport"


NOW.Can somebody tell me:

1- If i have used my card and gone thru the steps,says "ACTIVE" in green,why no access to content?

2-How do i speak to a HUMAN to see if my "pending" subscription is going to, or has been,CHARGED? IS THERE SOMEBODY I CAN TALK TO ABOUT THIS?

3- I have Iphone with AFL Live App,can log in,and still cant access content.Signed up with card and no happiness on iphone.Logged into Laptop and also cant even watch replays..WHY?

4-Can somebody explain why the Telstra/AFL website spruiks "Watch every game live" and deceptively fails to make it clear that subscribers cannot watch on small laptop computers or desktop? - only 7" devices? WHY IS THIS INFORMATION NOT PROMINENT?

4-If i ever,finally become a subscriber,and i choose then to unsubscribe,how do i do this?

Any help greatly appreciated..by anybody out there   :0)   GOD IVE TRIED.


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: AFL live pass took card details..NO subscription!

Hi @Leila2


Thanks for getting in touch with us .


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your AFL Live Pass app.


I have sent you a private message requesting more info, I will reply there.



Micheal @ Telstra


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