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Afl live stream radio

Why is the live radio stream so quiet, just switched across from the SEN app, volume at the same level and its noticeably quieter, even at full volume its quiet

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Support Team

Re: Afl live stream radio

Hi @Quidybo


Thank you for your post, my apologies for any issues you're experiencing with the live radio stream. 


What device are you using to access the AFL Live App? (mobile/tablet, make/model etc) 


I have tested the radio streams on an iOS device and the volume is the same as the live stream volume. 

Is it just the SEN stream which is quiet, or are they all quiet?

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the AFL Live App to see if this assists? 

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Afl live stream radio

Galaxy s8+ tried reinstalling, no good, its just strange that the sen app volume was fine but as soon as i changed to the afl app it got quieter, happened last year too, i end up turning it off, cant here it over the crowd

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