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AFL Live App technical issues

I have downloaded the AFL Live app and

come across some minor tech difficulties when using the app through my iPhone.


The first issue is on the “Latest Teams” icon that is found on the homepage. This function does not respond when I click on the button to access this page. The only way I have managed to obtain access to this page is by clicking on a hyperlink that appears in a weekly article about the Latest Team News. I have an iPad which has no problem with the “Latest Teams” button.


The second issue I have is on the match centre page. If I click on a match to view the player statistics, the app responds very slowly, taking around a minute to load and update the latest player stats. Furthermore, when scrolling through these player statistics, the page frequently freezes and does not respond to my swiping (I imagine this occurs when the app is trying to update the statistics). Again this issue does not arise on my iPad, but when using my iPhone it becomes incredibly difficult to operate.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: AFL Live App technical issues

Can you post the following information to help determine where the problem lies (the combinations can be important in trying to figure out what is happening):

  • Model number and iOS version of each device.
  • AFL Live app version on each device
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Re: AFL Live App technical issues

Device with Issues:

Model Number is MN922X/A

ios Version is 14.6

AFL Live App Version is 8.4.1


Device without Issues:

Model Number is MUQX2X/A

ios Version is 14.6

AFL Live App Version is 8.4.1

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Community Manager

Re: AFL Live App technical issues

Hello @scooperboy,


Sorry to see you've had some issues with the AFL App.


Can you please let us know what troubleshooting has been attempted?

Suggested tips would be to uninstall and reinstall the AFL App, and to ensure

permission requests are granted when installing.


Are both devices connected to the same network, or is your mobile connected to mobile

data and your iPad Wi-Fi? Have you tested on alternate internet connections?


Thanks for providing your device details, if troubleshooting doesn't help we should then have

enough info to pass onto the tech support team for further investigation.


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