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There's a known issue for Firefox on Android that returns an incorrect timezone (GMT -10, rather than AEDT), which is causing times to be rendered incorrectly by 1 hour (e.g. 4:35pm rather than 5:35pm). For an optimum live match experience on mobile ...

Level 2: Rookie

Hi,The 2021 season saw the demise of the Telstra Live Pass which previously allowed Telstra customers to watch all live AFL games on their mobile device. Users could then opt into a generous subsided monthly subscription to Kayo for $5 a month on a 1 ...

Level 1: Cadet

"The video is bad or in a format that cannot be played on your browser Error Code: MEDIA_ERR_DECODESession ID: 2021-09-24:a03f08b826555f13b41b7c3 Player Element ID: aflm-modal-video-player_6272945871001"

Level 1: Cadet

I signed up for the $5 a month Kayo package before the cut off date and have just noticed that it never was applied to my Telstra account.

Level 2: Rookie

Are you going to update the ladder anytime soon. Last nights  game still not updated. Do not deny the Giants their win

Level 1: Cadet

Hi. Audio of a game cuts out intermittently. Streaming over wifi using Android, I find the audio plays for 1-5 or so minutes then stops. Sometimes  I have to hit the listen live button then select my desired stream again. Occurs when both leaving app ...

Level 1: Cadet

I would like to enquire that as you guys removed two disposals off crisp throughout his game, I was willing if you could put those disposals towards Caleb Daniel because it cost me my multi and it would only be fair if you guys just added 2. Like wha ...

Level 1: Cadet

I try to catch up on the days football through the highlights and videos, im going to say this as nice as possible..  if I have to see that bloody skills advert every single time for 15 seconds for a 40 second video clip my depression /anxiety will t ...

Level 1: Cadet

I used the following link to sign-up to offer:, when I click manage, my mobile number is shown as cancelled three timesPlease help! 

Level 1: Cadet

Who does the TV and broadcast guide no games this weekend were on 7 mate and this isn’t the first time it’s wrong seriously if you aren’t going to stream the games anymore at least make sure the broadcast guide is correct 

Level 1: Cadet

Not sure who does the editing but the last minute is cut off the 4th quarter…