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Can’t link live pass

Logged in via telstra app but cannot login via AFL live or link live pass

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Can’t link live pass

When trying to connect via the AFL Live app on your mobile, make sure that your mobile is connected to the Telstra Mobile network and not wifi. The previous season pass expired and it needs to reverify your eligibility for the pass.

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Re: Can’t link live pass

Hello @LL2020,


Thanks for messaging us on Crowd Support, sorry to see there have been some issues linking your Live Pass.



The Live Pass must first be restored  in the AFL App before it can be linked to a Telstra ID.


The process depends on whether you have purchased a Live Pass or are eligible for a free Live Pass as a Telstra customer.


For purchases, please open the app and select 'restore app store purchase' when prompted or via profile in the top right corner,

then AFL Live Pass. You are then prompted to link the Telstra ID, also accessible via profile top right corner of app.


If you are a Telstra mobile customer, please ensure you are opening the AFL App on your Telstra mobile while connected to 4G/5G

(mobile data) and select free for Telstra mobile customers when prompted, or via the profile icon.

Once the free Live Pass has been redeemed, you are prompted to link to your Telstra ID, also accessible via profile>AFL Live Pass.


We do have a guide of the process if you are still stuck: https://tel.st/fatxh; please let us know any further questions you may have.






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