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Cancel afl live

Anything connected to Telstra seems to end up being extra time wasted trying to get help with one of your products. AFL live pass... the instructions on how to cancel subscription are hard to find and incorrect when you do fine then. There are many Other complaints on this page about the afl pass being hard to cancel. Cancel my pass immediately and maybe spend more time producing better products rather then making cancelling anything to do with Telstra near impossible.

The instructions tell me to go into my settings. I don’t have the cancel subscription button apparently there. Cancel my subscription ASAP

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Re: Cancel afl live

No-one here at CrowdSupport has access to account information..


Your best option will be to use the My Telstra app, go to Get Help and click on the blue chat window..


Once you are there and negotiating with Codi the gatekeeper, type in Speak to a Consultant..  you will be placed in a queue and will be contacted sometime later - could take a few hours..  leave the app logged in with notifications enabled and you will get a message in response, whereby you can start to discuss your issue..  in the interim you can do other things and just check occasionally for the response..

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Re: Cancel afl live

Hi @Angry29 


Thank you for your post, all support for the AFL Live Pass is done here on CrowdSupport. 


All Live Pass purchases are managed by Apple or Google in the App or Play Store, depending on whether you use iOS or Android.


If you are using Android, please open the Play Store>menu>subscriptions>AFL>cancel.


If using iOS, go to settings>your name>iTunes & App Store>Apple ID>view Apple ID>Subscriptions>AFL>options>cancel.


As the purchase is with Apple or Google, we are unable to cancel on your behalf as we do not have access to their systems.


If you are unable to locate the purchase in the App/Play store when signed into the same Apple ID/Google account that was used to purchase, please provide the details of the charges as listed on your credit card statement.

(Amount, description and frequency)


Please let us know if there are any further questions or concerns.

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