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cancelling AFL Live membership

Ive followed all instructions that are available but am still having problems cancelling the AFL Live Pass. It's almost as if Telstra is making it difficult to get out of these arrangements. I have found my subscription details via my IPhone settings, however, the only options that arer available are ongoing subscriptions - there is no conacellation option. If I go in via the AFL app I get a circular set of links with no cancellation options provided. 

1) if anyone from telstra is out there - why is it so difficult?

2) since I cant find a non automated assistant via the Telstra website can anyone from the community assist?

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Re: cancelling AFL Live membership

That normally means that your subscription has been cancelled. The cancellation itself takes affect on the last day of the billing cycle, and shows up on your subscriptions until that point.

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Re: cancelling AFL Live membership

Hello @Watlerthebaker,


Thanks for your message, sorry to see you have had some issues managing your AFL Live Pass.


If there is no cancel option for your Live Pass listed in subscriptions, then as Jupiter has indicated you have likely already

cancelled the Live Pass, once the Live Pass expires it will no longer be listed.


When a Live Pass is purchased, it is attached to the Apple ID signed in at time of purchase. Please double check

all Apple ID's you may have used to subscribe in case the subscription/s is attached to another Apple ID.


To cancel for iOS devices head to settings>your name>iTunes & App Store>Apple ID>view Apple ID>Subscriptions>AFL>options>cancel. You can also follow the link in the AFL App to the App Store.


Please let us know if there are any further questions or concerns.

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