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Getting metered despite being a telstra customer

Hi, I've just started taking advantage of the AFL's offer of free AFL live to Telstra customers. I was under the belief that the videos are unmetered. It appears I've been using data when viewing the matches?  

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Re: Getting metered despite being a telstra customer

Hi @Dean3139,


Thanks for your post and I am happy to assist you with your data usage. 

Video data usage is currently unmetered only for certain Telstra customers with respect to our supported devices. 


Video data usage is only unmetered for the following Telstra services:
BigPond ADSL/Cable/NBN
Telstra mobile handsets / tablets with any Telstra SIM (excluding International Roaming)


Telstra services excluded from unmetering:
Mobile Broadband (Dongles and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots)
Telstra Business Broadband
BigPond Internet (Dial Up/ Satellite/ Hourly Plans)
Telstra Air


Please use either My Account or our 24x7 app to monitor usage as third party applications will not take into account unmetered data. 
If you think it is using your data, I'd recommend checking your APN is set to Telstra.Wap

If your APN is set to Telstra.Wap, the unmetered usage will be correct & won’t be what’s causing usage.


The AFL Live Pass app is constantly being fed data during the live game stream such as live scores/updates, AFL radio,The Worm, 2D player tracking and other premium features.

Only live game video usage is unmetered, downloading the App from the respective stores will count towards your data allowance.


Live Game video is data-free for Telstra customers, other functions of the app will use data as required.


I suggest keeping an eye on the data usage for this upcoming Finals matches, if you see any unusual usage, please let me know



Micheal @ Telstra



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